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Blow, Winds, Blow!

Louie and Michael are now going back to the clue box to reboot their futile search for "Fashion House." And Brent and Caite finish on the first try, and take off in second place to the stadium. They're long gone by the time Michael and Louie have found their way back to the clue box, and Michael literally looks at the door right next to it and says, "Hey, what's this?" It opens when he pulls it. "Idiot," he says, with impressive verbal economy. They both feel pretty stupid. "What kind of detectives are we? We walked right by the place," Louie interviews, which saves me from having to say it. They get to work picking out clothes. "Boy, you're gonna look sexy," Louie tells their model. Right now she just looks irritated. Which I understand some people find sexy, especially coming from models, but then there's a lot about the fashion world I don't understand.

Dan and Jordan reach the clue box and the adjoining fashion house in last place, and enter with the Detectives still inside. Dan all but disappears from our screens as Jordan gets to work like a one-man team. "Being the gay male that he was, he was in heaven," Michael interviews. Stereotyping is fun! And no, I know I didn't call the Cowboys on it, but they were at least funnier. The Detectives' model comes out, and even I can tell from looking at her that they've got the wrong stockings on her. The fail-gong, along with the designer shaking her head and waving her hands in a "get it away from me" manner, confirms it. Louie gets her another pair of stockings, which just happens to be the last item Jordan is looking for. Jordan and Dan load up their model while Michael complains, "This is not my forte. Could we have a shooting challenge, please?" Maybe there would have been one, but then the producers had to drop it when they realized it meant putting firearms into the hands of Brent and Caite. And who expected them to still be in the race at this point, after all?

At the stadium, Cord is making progress on his puzzle, but a gust of wind takes one of his cards out into the field. Brent and Caite arrive in second place, and Caite's a little disappointed not to be doing this one. "I freaking love puzzles." Especially the kind with fewer than a hundred pieces, I'd guess. Brent jogs over and calls, "Hello!" to his ready-made cheering section, getting to work quickly enough to narrow the gap between himself and Cord. Where's that wind?

Michael and Louie's model is still not dressed correctly on the second attempt. They're still trying to figure it out when the brothers' model emerges, and she's wrong too. Jordan quickly realizes that their models are wearing each other's stockings, and he jumps up and down rushing them to go back and switch. "Our girl, hurry!" he calls back to the curtained-off areas. It's down to the models now, and I'm sure everyone at home is cheering for "Our Girl." But Louie and Michael's comes out first, and she's dressed right, so the Detectives are off in third place. Dan and Jordan are right behind them in last, but closer than they were before thanks to the Detectives' unscheduled walkabout. Michael is still lamenting the unfairness of the challenges. "We had a rodeo in Argentina. Can we get some shooting? Kick a door in? Chase a crackhead, something?" How about finding an address? Jordan tells his and Dan's driver to follow Louie and Michael's cab, so at least somebody is being pursued..

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