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Blow, Winds, Blow!

Jet and Cord's model returns to the platform in an outfit that includes a big, poufy, black jacket, boots, and purple tights. They love it, but the designer doesn't. They figure the only thing they could have gotten wrong was the shirt. Back into the racks. "It's not for everybody, out here on the trail," Cord deadpans. Jet finds the right shirt, and they hand it to the model. While she changes, Jet points knowingly at the sketch, saying, "See the texture? Attention to detail." "Where you been all day?" Cord retorts. This time they have it right, and the Heroic Cowboy Theme accompanies their reading of the clue sending them to their next destination: Hongkou Football Stadium, which Phil says is across town. Cord vaults a railing on their way back out to the street, and the cabdriver knows where that is. They're on their way, but they aren't done making jokes about the challenge they just completed. "Shopping wears me smooth out," Jet says in the back of the taxi. Okay, now they're done.

They're well clear by the time Brent and Caite arrive in second place. Unsurprisingly, the models seem off to a good start. Then here come Louie and Michael, who read the clue right outside the door they're supposed to enter -- and then go right past that door in search of the fashion house, which they just walked away from, completely oblivious. This must have been an example of what Michael meant when he said the other teams should fear them.

Meanwhile, Brent and Caite interview about how this is a different experience from what they're used to; usually doing the dressing instead of being dressed. And the Detectives continue to search for "Fashion House," like there's going to be a sign on the front of the building that says that. Jordan drops a bundle of noodles on the ground, then snatches it up, looking around guiltily to see if anyone noticed. Pingping did, going by his amused grin. "Do not laugh at me," Jordan tells him firmly. After adding another handful to the pile on the scale, Jordan is finally done, and he hugs the chef-judge before accepting the clue from Pingping with a gracious bow and expression of gratitude. It's worth pointing out that even though Jordan may seem to live in a fairytale fantasy world sometimes, he wasn't the one who treated the two-and-a-half-foot-tall man like a member of the Lollipop Guild. They're off to Shanghai. In the cab, with Jordan trying to restore circulation to his cold-stiffened fingers, Dan remarks as if in surprise, "You smell like noodles!" Heh.

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