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Blow, Winds, Blow!

Caite finishes up, gets her clue, and gives Pingping a condescending hug and a kiss on his cheek in exchange. Dude's a grown-ass man, Caite, even if he's not particularly grown-ass. Off they go to their cab. As Pingping walks past Jordan (the top of his toque barely level with the work surface), he nearly gets whipped in the face by Jordan's wildly swinging pasta dough. The danger is probably worth it to Pingping, if he's going to get more smokes. Jordan asks the chef-judge for approval of his latest batch of noodles, but the judge only cuts off a small length and pops it in the scale's pan, rejecting the rest. Jordan's frustration has him nearly on the verge of tears. Louie sees this as an opportunity to jump ahead, and although the giant lump of noodles dropped on his scale puts a large dent in the project for him, Jordan is only about halfway done.

The Cowboys are wandering the racks, not having much luck finding a shirt that matches the one in the sketch. "Can I borrow your shirt?" Cord asks one of the other models. She doesn't bother to answer. Jet says they need to hurry up: "If Jordan gets here, he's gonna catch us." Okay, heh. They both agree that this is way harder than bull riding. They deliver a pile of clothes to a model, and she starts back to a curtained-off circle to change while they speculate whimsically about their future in fashion design. I can see the runways of Shanghai being taken by storm in a revival of cowboy hats and giant belt buckles.

Louie is comparing himself to Lucille Ball as he whips out his last batch of noodles, and hums a little tune while the chef-judge gathers up his product and an amused Michael says he's going to punch Louie in the head. He is in fact done, while Jordan is still turning out what looks like one noodle at a time. Left alone, Dan says he feels bad for Jordan, having to do this in the cold. He's definitely making slow progress, and his hands are freezing, but then Dan comes up to give him a hug. "Just relax, okay? You're doing fine. I know how hard this is, okay?" Jordan hugs back with his forearms, avoiding putting his doughy, flour-covered hands on Dan's jacket, so he hasn't totally lost it. But it's still a stressful enough moment to trigger an ad break.

After which, Jordan interviews that he needed that. Dan even gives him a tissue and tells him he loves him before returning to the footbridge. Aw. Now that's how you deal with a teammate's meltdown, right there. Of course it probably helps that Dan doesn't want this as much as Jordan does, and patiently encouraged Jordan to give himself a break rather than screaming at him from the sidelines, like most other teams in this situation.

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