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Over some traffic-zooming footage, Phil says they now have to return to Shanghai, specifically the fashion district. "Good job, Pasta Man!" Cord says as they head out. Louie, meanwhile, is learning that this noodle-making process isn't how he remembers it. And Caite is getting annoyed with Brent's unsolicited input, telling him to shut up. In the cab back to Shanghai, Jet and Cord marvel over Pingping and his giant-looking cigarettes. "So apparently, smoking will stunt your growth," Jet says with a straight face. I'm sure Pingping's never heard that one before.

The three other noodle-makers are still struggling, to Brent's increasing impatience. After a while, the Cowboys have reached Shanghai, about which they only thing they know is the movie Shanghai Noon. This is becoming quite the Owen Wilson film festival of references here. But wait, wasn't Shanghai Knights the one set over there? I don't know, I've never seen either of those movies either. As the parent of a five-year-old, I've absorbed enough Owen Wilson through Cars and the two Night at the Museums to meet my recommended daily allowance of Butterscotch Stallion for the rest of my life.

Caite is getting close to done, but still not quickly enough for Brent. Michael jokingly asks her to make some for Louie when she's done. And Louie starts singing some spaghetti-commercial music to keep the mood nice and Italian.

In a narrow Shanghai alley, Jet and Cord have found their next clue, which is a "Route Info" directing them to "go inside the fashion house and work together." Now here's Phil, explaining how Shanghai is "the fashion capital of China, with trendy designers and runway shows rivaling New York and Paris." Milan and London kick its ass, though. He adds, "Now teams must battle against quantity to achieve the right quality." Whatever that means. Phil is in a cavernous design warehouse, where casually dressed models are holding up sketches of outfits. Each team will have to pick one of those models and then recreate the outfit from the sketch -- pulling from racks and racks of clothes and accessories. The designer (a bespectacled young woman in a glittery appliqué sweater, and look at what this challenge is doing to me if I'm already using words like "appliqué") will give them their next clue if they get it right. "Aw, shoot, not more fine arts," Jet says, which sounds incongruous in a way I can't quite put my finger on. But they bravely enter the fashion house, to the strains of the Heroic Cowboy Theme. They pick a sketch and get to work as best they can, deciding to have fun with it by joking like they're totally in their zone. "Don't let the clothes fool you," Cord interviews. "We're into the fashion world, let me tell you."

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