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Blow, Winds, Blow!

Dan and Jordan are at the airport, and learn that a) the next flight to Shanghai is at 12:55 AM, and that b) the ticket counter won't even open until 10:25 PM. After everyone arrives, in other words. So much for their Fast Forward lead.

It's early dusk outside as Jet and Cord rip open their clue in third place, at 7:04. We learn a little about what they left behind: Jet has a wife and a 17-month-old daughter, and Cord just got engaged. "It's kind of funny to think, you ask a girl to spend the rest of your life with you and you leave." It's kind of funny to learn after ten weeks that they have women waiting for them at home. I guess I just kind of assumed they were single this whole time, although I also assumed they probably wouldn't be for long.

By the time Louie and Michael open their clue at 7:35, it's either totally dark outside or foreshadowing has literally blotted out the sun. Michael interviews that as the old-guy team, they are both wise and experienced, yet are used to being underdogs. "People should fear us here," he says. Fear the underdogs! Wait, what?

Jet and Cord reach the airport not long before the Detectives do, and the four of them head inside, where they soon meet Dan and Jordan. The three teams start discussing the previous leg's U-Turn. Then the six of them spot Brent and Caite from the food court and call them over to hear their story. Caite happily relates it, and everyone acts happy for her, even Jordan. Bleah. But then later, Jordan interviews about what a dumb move it was. He says they should have U-Turned the Cowboys instead. "We're all gonna look back on that and question that decision," he says. Well except the team who did the U-Turning, and the team who told them whom to U-Turn, and the team who benefited from not getting U-Turned even though they should have been. So by "we all," I guess he means himself and Dan. Not that Dan looks all that interested.

Everyone gets on the plane, and the Amazing Red Line heads north-northeast a surprising distance to Shanghai. Some snazzily edited B-roll shows it as a bustling, colorful, sprawling metropolis, and of course it's winter there, so it's probably good that Steve and Allie didn't make it this far with their two outfits between them. The plane lands at Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 6:10 AM. "First place!" Dan crows jokingly, coming out of the terminal a half-inch ahead of an otherwise undifferentiated knot of racers. It's a footrace for the taxis, and the Cowboys get out of there in first place for once. "Good morning, Shanghai," Jordan says in their second-place cab. Brent and Caite take off in third, but Louie and Michael are not only in last place, their cabdriver doesn't speak any English. The Cowboys are enjoying their speedy ride, even though the editing would have us believe it goes from daylight to pre-dawn twilight at one point. Whereas the brothers' driver has to get out for directions. Unfortunately, he's getting them from the Detectives' driver, who doesn't seem to know any more than he does, so there are probably limit to what they'll be able to accomplish together.

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