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Blow, Winds, Blow!

Louie interviews that they're blessed, and plans to give them "the fight of a life." That's something I'd like to see. "I want to be able to say I finished the Amazing Race, no matter being one, two, or three, I finished it." So yet another final four team not that motivated to win. That should make for an exciting finale. Back on the mat, Phil tells him, "Louie, don't make me eliminate you." Louie vows that it won't happen. Man, non-elimination legs. I probably hate them less than anyone, because they're a way to maintain suspense even when one team is time zones behind the rest, and I can always hope for one when one of my favorite teams is dragging ass to the mat when everyone else is asleep. But three in a season is too many. Especially when one comes after a week off. You realize the last time we saw an elimination on this show was before tax day?

And then there's a little slo-mo shot of a smiling Pingping, with the subtitle, "In memory of He Pingping." Turns out he died just last month, at the age of 21, and it wasn't even the cigarettes. But wherever he is, I'm sure he wishes his memorial episode would have been a better one.

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