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Blow, Winds, Blow!

Here come Brent and Caite, in second place. "Which is not bad," Phil tells them. Especially for them. They don't argue, but they're not thrilled either. Brent in particular. He looks like he's hoping for a chance to U-Turn the wind at some point.

Jordan keeps leaning on Louie's shoulder as they wait for their respective partners. Dan's down to his last few tiles, and he beats Michael handily. "Now get those pieces up there!" Jordan screams. Michael looks to be only about halfway done as Dan passes out the cards, and Louie keeps calling out, "It is what it is. Just do it." Again, "It is what it is" on this show can almost always be translated as, "We're fucked." Dan's going to Section 8, Row 2, Seat 5, at what looks like either 2:15 or 3:10. Either way, they have their clue, and they high-five Louie as they run past him. "The only team behind me is now ahead of me," Michael laments, but adds, "I'm not gonna give up here." Dan and Jordan find the museum and the mat with no trouble. "They're so cute," he says of the four greeters. Phil tells them they're team number three, and as he observes, "You don't know whether to high-five or hug?" "I like hugs," Jordan explains. Dan interviews that his goal was to "give Jordan his dream of running the Amazing Race, and no matter what happens, from this point on, that dream has been achieved." So does this mean he's going to sleep in tomorrow morning?

Dude, it's getting dark outside and Michael's still there, futzing with his puzzle. "We've been here so long that the lights just came on," Louie tells us, "So this could be it." With four teams and two episodes left? We'll see. As Michael finishes up at last, and is sent to Section 17, Row 17, Seat 27, Louie rhapsodizes in voice-over about having no regrets and being blessed to have gotten this far. "I love you man," Louie says, and they hug as Michael meets him on the sidelines with their next clue. The sad part is that yellow envelope was white when this Road Block started. "Warning, the last team to be checked in may be eliminated," Louie reads from the clue. Note his hopeful emphasis on the word "may."

It's full dark by the time they reach the museum, and Louie's voice-over is still going on, like he's Michael Westen or something. "I was sad because I didn't want this race to end. Me and Mike have been on the journey of a lifetime." The first of those four increasingly cold models welcomes them to Shanghai, and Phil tells them they're the last team to arrive, which can't be news to them. "I'm sorry to tell you that you are out." Of course he never says it that way, so they look sad until he adds, "Out in the cold!" He grins like a dork as they celebrate their survival. "I had you two times in a row, man!" Phil tells them. He remembers to warn them about their Speed Bump, which they aren't worried about. It's just a Speed Bump, after all. It's not like it's screwed up anyone else this season. I'd be more worried about the multi-hour lead the other teams will have on them at the starting line, if I were them.

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