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Blow, Winds, Blow!

Brent finishes his puzzle and raises his arms in victory. Caite and Jordan bounce in sync on the sidelines, excitedly going, "Eeee, eee, eee!" WTF? The Cowboys are asking a fellow train commuter for help getting to the museum from a fellow commuter for getting to the museum, which is a mere five stops away according to the wall map (with its text printed in both Mandarin and English). Soon they're on the train, en route to yet another win. Sorry if that's a spoiler.

Brent's cards are flipped to read Section 3, Row 10, Seat 26. "I think he got it, and I'm proud of him," Caite says in what sounds a lot like surprise. He finds their clue, and they're off to the Metro in second place. "Dude, we'd have beat the Cowboys, had the wind not blown, that's how close I was at the beginning," Brent carps as they walk to the station. "I know, baby," Caite says patiently, if not indulgently, if not skeptically. Why is she in such a good mood today? It's kind of suspicious. Maybe someone should check her backpack for Pingping.

Now it's just Michael and Dan, and Michael's still on a mission to find the one piece he's after, while Dan is making much better progress. The models, meanwhile, are at the Metro station and finding the overhead map directing them to the museum all on their own, so at least they beat the Cowboys in that sense. "What a day," Brent sighs as they ride the train. Up ahead, Jet and Cord disembark their train and ascend to ground level onto the grounds of the museum. Phil's standing on the mat in front of that glass sphere, and the greeters this time are four young women, who are clearly not the same models from earlier because they're smiling. The Cowboys sprint up the mat and are duly welcomed to Shanghai, China. Phil makes them wait before telling then they're team number one, and they've won a trip to Alaska. "Great day today," Phil tells them encouragingly. Jet says Cord had a great day and Cord says he didn't want to let Jet down. "Winning first for the fourth time is awesome," Cord interviews. Yeah, good thing Carol and Brandy are gone. As for their prizes, Cord adds, "We've won three trips around the world, and me and him both say we ain't going with each other, we're going with somebody else." As well as they've been getting along? Maybe all those trips just sound too romantic.

Michael and Dan are still at it. "It's not just a puzzle," Michael interviews. "It's a puzzle for a million dollars." And apparently, he's under the impression that he's paid by the hour.

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