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Blow, Winds, Blow!

Cord has assembled his puzzle in two sections (head and body), so now he just needs to integrate them. Caite and Jet watch from the sidelines, in a shot where the stadium's giant scoreboard clock can be clearly seen reading 12:25. The two trailing teams arrive shortly thereafter, and of course this is down to Michael and Dan for their respective teams. Cord already senses victory. On the way to his area, Dan jumps over some cards Michael just dropped on the ground. "Normally I'm sitting where they're sitting, watching people have to perform," Dan remarks, which I'm sure is not his way of reassuring us that he's a red-blooded sports fan, if you know what I mean. Which is good, because the backwards hat tipped all the way forward over his eyebrows sends that message loud and clear. Brent and Cord are both close to finished, although Cord is increasingly worried about the wind. Brent has an errant card get away from him, and Cord is just starting to say something that begins with, "If these things blow away," when a rogue gust kicks up and sends a dozen or more of his and Brent's cards -- each -- tumbling across the field. I guess he doesn't need to finish that hypothetical remark, because it just quit being hypothetical. Brent angrily chases after his cards like they're a flock of flightless, geometric birds. Cord concentrates on keeping what he's got, throwing down his jacket and hat (?) and then spreading his body over the surviving part of his puzzle like he's a drunken hydrophobe on the pitching deck of a stormbound fishing boat that's lost its engine, lights, and gravity.

After the ads, Brent interviews about how now he had to start all over. Jordan yells out at Dan to hold his cards down with their backpacks. Although he and Michael seem to be less vulnerable to the wind on their side of the stadium, Dan hurries to do so. Better safe than screaming your way into the next commercial break. Brent comes over to Caite to get theirs, bitching the whole way, and Caite tells him to calm down. As soon as he's gone, she turns and gives us what's actually a kind of endearing little mock-cringe. I appreciate that moment showing their team as only half-annoying.

Cord, meanwhile, is lucky enough to have been working right by a whole rack of folding chairs, which he throws out onto his area of the field one after the other like some kind of infernal WWE pitching machine. "That is a little frustrating," he interviews later, "but throwing a fit, kicking and screaming wasn't gonna help get my puzzle done." Yeah, it's not working for Brent, either, but not for lack of trying.

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