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I never recap the previouslies, but this one is almost like a season finale sequence, from the word go. Literally, we see Phil telling all eleven teams, "Go!" at the Starting Line, as a set-up for the longstanding, if one-sided, feud between Carol|Brandy and Brent|Caite, complete with the umpteenth replay of the entire recorded litany of offenses, which is that Carol and Brandy allegedly made a lame joke early on about Caite racing with a tiara, and Louie passed it along to Caite. Which of course culminated in the previous leg, with Caite's U-Turn of the other team and her status as "the last woman standing." Four teams remain, and I must confess: at the beginning of the season, I wouldn't have thought any these four would even be among them.

"This is Singapore," Phil reminds us. It's been two weeks, after all. He continues, "Once a rowdy fishing village, it is now a model of order and cleanliness and one of the richest cities in the world." All we learn about Marina Barrage, other than that it was the ninth Pit Stop, is that it's a "massive reservoir." Thanks for that valuable data.

Dan and Jordan are leaving in first place, at 4:47 PM. They're going to Shanghai, which Phil says is more than 2,300 miles away, so it's off to the airport. After landing, they'll cab it to Zhujiajiao, a musically-named city of pagoda-lined canals that Phil refers to as "The Venice of China." They'll have to ride gondolas to the next clue box and everything. In a pre-start interview, the brothers talk about how well they're getting along with each other, although there have been moments. "I hate him just as much now as I did before," Dan deadpans. Jordan more seriously says he loves Dan even more, "Because he's making my dream come true every single day." I'd suggest Jordan marry him, then, but I don't think the compatibility goes both ways. For instance, I suspect Dan would want sex once in a while.

That Fast Forward made a big difference, because Brent and Caite are leaving an hour and a half later, at 6:18 PM. Caite talks about how proud they are of having "used the U-Turn successfully" last leg. Wait, is there a wrong way to U-Turn somebody? Is it possible to screw it up? Because I'd argue that they in fact kind of did. "I'm sorry, Carol and Brandy, that we U-Turned you," she lies laughingly. In the cab, she gloats about being the "last girl standing," and how "it shows all them haters out there what I'm capable of, so I'm really proud of myself." Yeah, haters, she'll show you how a real pro hates. Look upon her works, ye haters, and despair!

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