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The BQs get off the bus and find the arts and crafts place. There's a sign, however, that says nobody is home, and the place will be open at 11:30 AM. This gives enough time that Peter and Sarah show up. The BQs give the update that nothing's happening until 11:30. "Nice job on the taxi," Peter snots. Yeah, I have to say, when you cover the driver's mouth, you do leave the guy an opening to say something a little snippy.

The *wins and *lyns get the bus to Mamallapuram. The Pointies get on another one. Karlyn tells us that she felt in India like she was a little more at home, because she was apparently the chubbiest lady in Vietnam, and she is a skinny lady. Elsewhere, on the bus the Pointies are on, Kimberly is saying, "Don't let anyone touch me." Oh, yes. That's the way to enjoy the world. I mean, I understand that some crowded forms of transportation wind up involving grabbing and other unpleasant things, but to get on a bus and be like, "Don't let anyone touch me!"? That seems like it might be an overreaction. And not a particularly nice one. It doesn't exactly get better when she wrinkles up her nose and says, "It smells like fish," and then she says she wants to go to Europe. It gets still worse when Rob talks about being stuck with really poor people and she chimes in with, "I want to be with the rich folk." Oh, don't we all.

Tyler and James have found their way to a bus stop, but there are no other teams around, and they're not too sure what they're doing.

At last, the arts and crafts person opens, and the BQs and Peter and Sarah get their clues. The clue is for a Detour, offering a choice between Wild Things and Wild Rice. In Wild Things, you go to a crocodile farm, where you help two crocodile-wranglers tie up and transport a big crocodile from one pit to another. In Wild Rice, you go about 200 yards away and copy a pattern on the ground, using a similar picture for reference, filling in each section with colored powder that is -- here's where the title is justified -- made from rice. Peter and Sarah and the BQs both select the crocodiles. Now all Sarah needs is an "EAT STUPID" shirt.

Tyler and James are concerned about how long it's taking for them to get a bus. Dave and Mary, on the other hand, are just now arriving at the bus station. Finally, Tyler and James get on a bus to Mamallapuram. At the bus station, Dave and Mary get on one as well.

In a taxi, Dustin is telling Kandice that she sure hopes handling the crocodiles doesn't mean she'll have to "touch their snout and stuff." Her happy moment of fantasizing about icky crocodile tasks is interrupted when the cab pulls over with a flat tire. Oops. This provides Peter and Sarah with an opportunity to blow right by, which they do. It seems like their driver would normally stop and help, but they obviously put the kibosh on that pretty quick. Peter and Sarah get to the crocodile place, and we see lots of terrifying shots of crocodiles snapping and climbing and jumping. As soon as they start heading for the pit, he's on her about not being fast enough. "Comin'," she says. She explains in an interview, again, that her knee isn't working very well right now, because when the hydraulic knee is blown, she can't really control it the way she normally would. They clamber over a fence into the pit, and they are directed toward their chosen crocodile. Peter is guided through snapping a rubber band over the crocodile's snout. Of course, when Sarah goes to do hers, he starts haranguing her, despite the fact that it looks like she's doing it basically correctly. HATE.

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