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Commercials. Yes, CBS, I know I can watch your shows online. But could you fix the player so it doesn't crash about half the time? Thanks.

We return to Dave and Mary's airport follies, where it turns out that they will be getting on a plane that lands at 10:00, only about half an hour after the other flight, giving them a decent chance at being in the hunt.

Now we are in Chennai, and it's 7:50 in the morning, and a particular monkey of the Chennai population is severely pissed off. Phil explains that the teams have to get themselves to a bus station, then travel about 40 miles by bus to Mamallapuram. There, they'll find an arts and crafts place where they'll get another clue. The BQs and Peter and Sarah are both in taxis trying to get to the bus station. The taxis pull up near each other, and the drivers are trying to communicate about where they're going, and when the BQs' driver starts to tell Peter and Sarah's driver what he's doing, Dustin actually puts her hand over his mouth, which is so rude and inappropriate, I cannot even tell you. In an interview, Sarah says she supposes that pageant competition requires you to be a fierce person or whatever. Maybe it also requires you to muzzle others. That would be one way to win the interview portion, I guess. ("Miss New Hampshire, what would you recommend in the way of education reform?" "Mmph hmm nrrrrm stnnt." "Excuse me, Miss New Hampshire, could you repeat that?" "MMPH HMM NRRRM STNNT!") Before long, it does indeed appear that Sarah and Peter's driver is unsure of where he's going, so maybe that mouth-covering at least had some effect. If you're going to be rude, you might as well do it when it actually matters.

The BQs are the first at the bus station, and they get on a bus all alone for Mamallapuram. Peter and Sarah get on the next bus.

At 9:20 AM, the bus lands from Delhi, carrying the Pointies, A(AM!)s, *wins, and *lyns. The *wins wind up in a little cab thing that looks like a cross between a golf cart and a tuk-tuk, and they tell the *lyns to follow them to the bus station. The A(AM!)s get themselves a cab, but the Pointies are still looking. Unfortunately for them, Tyler and James's driver quickly seems lost, and gets out of the cab to wander around and ask for directions. That guy is not, I would agree, confidence-inspiring. He finally returns, and they're theoretically on their way. Finally, at 10:00 AM, Dave and Mary's flight from Delhi arrives. They get into a taxi, and Mary says, "We do not think we're in last." The caption begs to differ, announcing that they are "Currently In Last Place." Witty, those editors. Dave explains that Peter and Sarah and the BQs should be behind them -- he assumes, of course, that they kept that noon arrival time, in which case he'd be right.

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