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In an interview with the camera, Peter tells us that the *wins have explained their double-connecting flights to Chennai, but have also explained that not everyone taking that flight got confirmed seats to Chennai, so the risk isn't necessarily going to work out. As for Peter and Sarah, they've decided to stick with what they have, along with the BQs. Why do I get the feeling that Sarah gets, like, zero vote about what they do in a situation like this? I don't think I've ever seen them negotiate anything.

James and Tyler leave with the Pointies, heading for Singapore. They are the most carefully coiffed alliance ever, I think. James is pleased not to see anyone else on their flight, because as far as they know, it's the best available. Next, the teams heading for Hong Kong and Delhi leave, with Lyn stressing that they need to make the connection in Delhi and line up seats when they get there. Finally, Peter and Sarah and the BQs take off for Bangkok on the Thai Airlines flight. Or possibly, they are going to Tahiti. I hope the pilot knows which it is.

James and Tyler and the Pointies get to Delhi, and Kimberly wonders if they're allowed to sleep in the airport. They figure they'll have to. Meanwhile, Peter and Sarah and the BQs are in Bangkok, where they all are immediately thinking about getting a better flight from Bangkok to Chennai. They all go to the transfer desk and wind up talking to clerks who are basically around the corner from each other. Indeed, they discover a flight that will arrive in Chennai at 7:50 AM -- way ahead of the flight from Delhi that everyone else is trying so hard to make. When Dustin and Kandice are checking in, Peter comes over and looks over Kandice's shoulder at their tickets, which she is making no particular effort to conceal, and he comments that they're all doing the same thing. Kandice seems highly put off by this, which... I mean, it's looking over your shoulder, you know? It's not like he rifled through your underwear drawer and found all the pink lacy things. Both teams head for the boarding gate for this flight. For some reason, both teams seem to see this issue as somehow putting an end to any possibility that they will ever work together. I'm not sure exactly how that happened, but here we are. I feel like we missed something really dramatic in favor of a bunch of things that were really... not.

And now, in Delhi, the Addicts and Pointies are not at all happy to see that the *wins, the *lyns, and Dave and Mary are strolling in. Tyler calls this a "kick in the side," because they were hoping that they were out ahead of everyone. Fortunately, we manage to get through this part without Tyler telling us that, like, it was enough to make a guy want to take drugs or something. This is the first episode where I found myself kind of longing for an end to the addict angle. But anyway, Tyler doesn't know, of course, that if Peter and Sarah and the BQs have things go as planned, they'll be getting to Chennai even earlier, so he's actually at the tail end, and in a way, he should be happy to see other teams. Now, the *lyns and Dave and Mary have to hustle to the office where they try to get seats to Chennai, which of course they weren't able to get back at the ticket counter in Hanoi. Initially, they learn that there are no seats left, but the guy says that he'll do his best. They all wind up on the waiting list for the moment. Interestingly enough, as things play out, despite the fact that Mary seemed to be the one with the initiative back in the Hanoi airport, the *lyns are the ones who are able to get seats from Delhi to Chennai. Dave and Mary, on the other hand, are not so lucky. "I'm sorry, there is no room left on the plane." The plane takes off, and one of the A(AM!)s asks the *lyns whether Dave and Mary got on, and she says she doesn't think so. Uh-oh! I smell lollygaggers!

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