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Tyler and James are sweating the arrival of the messenger with their tickets. They get more and more stressed, but just as things are starting to unravel, the messenger finally shows up with the tickets. They head for the airport.

Now, the fun starts when the *wins get to the airport and run into their old friends Dave and Mary and the *lyns. Mary assumes that the *wins are also on Thai Airlines, but it turns out that they're on Cathay Pacific. And they're leaving at 7:00 PM, getting to Chennai at 9:20 AM. Nobody is happy to hear this news, and the *lyns share the fact that they're on this flight not getting to Chennai until noon. The *lyns consider trying to get on the flight, but Godwin reminds her that they had to buy the tickets at an agency, not at the airport. Mary is convinced that there just has to be a way around that restriction. And she -- along with many well-dressed, English-speaking foreign people -- is going to find it.

Commercials. I'm not sure I really believe you discovered how to be selfless at Sears, guy.

Hanoi airport. Mary is on the hunt for those Hong Kong tickets, and she has found her way to a Cathay Pacific office. Apparently, while you can't just walk up and buy them at the counter, you can book them in an office if you already have tickets. She has the *lyns with her, and they all learn that while they can get confirmed seats to Delhi, they can't get confirmed seats to Chennai. So they'll have to get to Delhi and see how it goes -- they could potentially get stuck there. Among other things, these teams don't want to be on a plane with the BQs and Peter and Sarah anyway, so they decide to risk it and get on the plane to Delhi. They all know it's a gamble, but they go with it. Soon, people will be intentionally losing just so they don't have to be on buses with Peter. ("Oh, no, my... my rheumatism is acting up! Can't run to the pit stop!")

Elsewhere in the airport, Peter and Sarah are having coffee with the BQs and talking about how they figured the *lyns and Dave and Mary wouldn't last this long. Peter complains about how Mary walks around hollering, imitating her accent: "Where do we go? David! My ankle's hurtin'! Dammit! You see a Burger King around here?" And he's a complete prick in general, but... it's not an unfair tease, that she does holler really loudly and shout her husband's name a lot. The fact that the other people at the table are laughing seems to me like a mark of familiarity with what he's describing, really. Now, this little group is joined by the *wins, who decide for whatever reason to tell everyone that they have a better flight. "They asked us, and we didn't want to lie," Godwin says. I would recommend, then, if you feel that way, not sitting down and discussing flights with people. I would also recommend thinking about why it's okay to intentionally mislead people -- as on the train with the cell phone -- but not okay to keep information to yourself in this situation. The way they're parsing the whole lying-is-bad thing doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

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