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The *wins also find their way to an agency other than the one that's already gone, so they're getting ready to ask about tickets, too. Meanwhile, at the agency where the BQs and Peter and Sarah went, the lady is telling them that the only way to get out today is to go to Bangkok at 8:00 PM, and then get to Chennai at 12:00 noon the next day. None of them think this sounds really great, but it seems like all they can get, so they book it. At a different agency, the *lyns get the same news -- it's the 8:00 AM to Bangkok, then to Chennai, arriving at noon. They try to confirm that this is the earliest you can possibly do it, and the lady is sure that it is. They book. Elsewhere, Mary quizzes and quizzes about how nobody can possibly be scheduled to get to Chennai any sooner than the tickets she's being offered, and she gets repeated assurances. You can't get there any faster than this -- getting into Chennai at noon tomorrow.

Elsewhere, however, Tyler and James and Rob and Kimberly are getting a different story. By connecting twice, they're going to get there sooner. They're getting a 1:35 PM flight to Singapore, then to Delhi, then to Chennai -- landing at 9:20 AM. They're all quite pleased, but the wrinkle is that the agency can't actually print the tickets. The tickets have to come by messenger, and they don't have a lot of time to get on the flight to Singapore. As Tyler and James explains it, the flight leaves in two hours, and it's an hour to the airport. So that's not great.

At the airport, Peter and Sarah are heading for Thai airlines. The BQs follow, as do the *lyns and David and Mary. Interestingly, when Lyn asks what flight Mary and Dave are on, Mary wants to know what flight the *lyns are on first. That doesn't sound like total trust to me, but it's interesting that none of them seem offended that all of them blanch at giving information up first. They get over it in a hurry, and they quickly discern that it's the same flight, though, so they're undoubtedly glad they're all together. But none of them are sure where the *wins are.

The *wins, it turns out, have a different plan altogether. They've been presented with a flight leaving at 7:00, connecting through Hong Kong and Delhi, arriving in Chennai at 9:20 AM. So clearly, they're on the same final leg as James and Tyler and the Pointies, but they're getting to Delhi by a different route. At the airport, the *lyns want to know what flight Peter and Sarah are on. He hedges, but eventually, he gives up "Tahiti. Tahiti? Like, eight o'clock." So now either Peter doesn't know the difference between "Tahiti" and "Thailand," or he expects Lyn and Karlyn to believe that Tahiti Airlines is flying him from Vietnam to India. Either way, not a good moment for Peter. "Thai?" Lyn asks. Peter confirms. So they're all on the same flights. And Peter is either very stupid or very crafty and very stupid.

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