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But! You are not eliminated. And! You do not have to beg. And! We are not taking your stuff. Your punishment for coming in last is this instead: you have to take a 30-minute penalty at the end of the next leg (not the beginning, when you'd just get bunched, but at the end) unless you come in first, in which case you can avoid the penalty. Dave and Mary are very relieved to still be in it. Mary tells us that when tempted to give up, she just thinks of her kids. I'm glad they're not knocked out, I think, and I'm definitely glad that the next episode isn't going to start out with the pointless, needless, vaguely sick-making sequence where they try to find boring tourists to take money from.

Executive Producer? Everyone's kids. No, not really. Jerry Bruckheimer, of course.

Next week: The BQs and the *lyns do not like each other. And... robot-controlled... camels? No? Because that's what it looks like.

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