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Welcome, Dustin and Kandice. You are team number two. Phil asks them whether they're going to be the first girl-girl team to win. Kandice thinks so. I do not.

Rob takes the Roadblock for his team. "Do not drink and drive at any moment!" barks the hammy driver's ed teacher. It takes a minute for Rob to figure out what the guy is talking about ("Drink what?"), but he eventually catches on and laughs this creepy, breathy, hurry-up-or-I-will-cut-you chuckle.

This time, Tyler and James really are done with the Rice option. They hop a bus to Chennai. Dave continues whining about the fact that they should have done the crocodiles instead. They both play a role in the fact that they snipe at each other a lot, that's for sure.

Rob is driving! Rob is done! Faster, faster! They're leaving in first place! Godwin and Lyn take the Roadblock! They both drive! Lyn thinks people in India drive like jackasses! It's all too exciting! They're both done! It hardly started, and now it's over! Welcome, Rob and Kimberly! You are team number three!

Dave and Mary finish up their pattern, and finally, they can leave.

Welcome, Erwin and Godwin. You're team number four. Please explain your shirts. The *wins show that under Phil's picture, it says, "REWARD: Bushel of Kiwis." Now that is funny and weird in a way that I like. "That... really is an ugly shot of me," is all that Phil can say. There are no truly ugly shots of Phil, but I agree with him that the one the *wins have chosen is not flattering. Poor Phil. Objectified less than skillfully.

Tyler sits through driver's ed, very much enjoying the hammy instructor in spite of himself. He likes the honking. Honk!

Welcome, Lyn and Karlyn. You are team number five. "I don't see Dave and Mary," they fret. They just hope maybe it's a non-elimination leg.

Tyler finishes driving. Welcome, James and Tyler, you are team number six. "Oh my God, six," Tyler laughs, clearly having been unaware that things were quite that dire. They talk about the fact that perhaps this humbling experience is going to be useful to them later. Just like... oh, never mind.

It gets dark. Dave and Mary get the clue at the Roadblock, and Mary says that they knew at this point that they were last place. She calls the race "so aggravatin'," and she says that Dave never wants to quit. Dave takes the class, and then he goes out in the car -- which is probably a lot easier now that it's, like, the middle of the night. Fewer people to honk at. They head for the mat. Dave and Mary, you are the last team to arrive.

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