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Peter's class starts. He is shown how to drive with hand signals. His teacher is a big, big ham. He is told that if animals or children or anything else is around, he should loudly honk his horn. He soon is ready to get in the car and drive around. He almost gets mowed down by a bus, but it doesn't happen. Draw your own conclusions about the hostility of the universe, I guess. Dustin and Kandice are on their way there, but Peter is being congratulated by his instructor. Hearing him saying, "Am I doing it? Am I doing it?" is kind of creepy, honestly. If you have to ask, Peter, you're probably not doing it. Now Peter is finished, and he returns to Sarah, to whom he pays no attention as usual. As Dustin and Kandice arrive at the driving school, Peter and Sarah read the clue telling them to drive to the pit stop. Phil says that this is a ten-mile drive they'll take with their driving instructors -- which kind of makes me wonder if they're allowed to drive without their instructors. They'll go to Chettinad House, which is the pit stop. Last team to check in may be eliminated. Peter and Sarah leave for the pit stop.

Dustin heads in to do the Roadblock for her team.

Riceblock. Tyler and James are working away at filling in the pattern. Mary and Dave are trailing. In fact, the boys are almost done, and Mary and Dave are... not, so much. But when the boys think they're done and go to get their clue, they find out that they've done something wrong and have to redo part of the outside ring of the pattern. Art is a harsh mistress.

Dustin is apparently done with classes, because now, she's on the road. Woo-hoo! Her instructor does not seem entirely pleased with her. "You cannot drive the car just like that," he says a little sharply. But before you know it, he's all, "You did it!", and she's done. Yeah, things have gotten a bit abbreviated here at the end. "I'm so excited she didn't die!" Kandice says happily. Aw, they love each other! They get their clue for the pit stop.

Peter and Sarah are now at the pit stop, and they are running up to the mat. Congratulations, Peter and Sarah! You are team number one. Phil tells them that they've each won a home gym system with an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike. Yuck. Boo! "Instead of going to St. Maarten, you get to... work out!" BOO!

Rob and Kimberly get to Chennai and hop in a taxi to the driving school. The *lyns and *wins are looking for how to get there, but they wind up being told that they can walk.

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