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Rob and Kimberly wait for their bus. The *wins wrestle their crocodile, followed by the *lyns. The big suspense comes when Lyn has trouble climbing up over the wall of one of the pens. "I can't, I can't," she frets. The suspense is not lasting, unsurprisingly, and she scampers over before long. Both teams finish up the crocs and leave together. They're quite surprised to spot the Pointies at the bus stop, and the Pointies are certainly not pleased to see them appear. Asked how long he's been waiting, Rob can only say, "Forever, bro!" It's nice that in a world where Kimberly likes almost no one, Rob considers everyone his bro.

Here are Tyler and James, checking out the Rice option. They think it could take a while, but it looks like they're staying for now. The Pointies, *wins, and *lyns hop a bus to Chennai, finally.

Speaking of Chennai, Peter and Sarah and the BQs are here at last. Peter and Sarah are the first to get into a cab on the way to the driving school. Dustin and Kandice are just behind. Meanwhile, Tyler and James are filling in their colored pattern, but they mix up the yellow and the beige at one point and have to redo part of it. "This is going to take forever," one of them laments. It's just like rehab.

In last place, David and Mary open the Detour clue. Mary wants to do the Rice, and while they take that option, Dave immediately starts complaining that they should have done the other thing. Mary is afraid that the crocodiles would have been far away. Also? She's afraid that the crocodiles would be crocodiles. When they arrive at the Rice task, they run into Tyler and James, who notice that Dave and Mary have put on some clothes that they were apparently supposed to put on, so they have to stop and do that. Mary almost immediately starts criticizing Dave's technique. "Lookit you making a mess," she moans. As they struggle to fill it in neatly, David is muttering, "This is one of your pickings," just making sure that if it doesn't work out, he can blame her. "What in the world makes you think that I would want to go wrestle a crocodile?" she asks. In fairness, not a lot, Mary. Not a lot. I kind of think it's curious that a guy who's already said he's afraid of water would bust on her for being afraid of getting eaten.

Peter and Sarah are at the driving school. "Who's the driving force behind this team?" asks the Roadblock clue they open there. Phil explains that as the clue implies, the Roadblocker here will have to learn local laws and go through a driving test to get a license. First, there will be driver's ed, and then there will be a road test. I suspect that will be... adventurous. It's the first Roadblock that was also an episode of Perfect Strangers, I think. Also, even though the introduction includes sounds of screeching brakes, I don't think that's actually supposed to happen when you're driving. Once you pass and get your license, you can get your next clue.

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