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Commercials. I'm not sure I understand the relationship of Campbell's Soup to this utopian future in which we will all wear white pajamas, but... all right.

When we return, we get the tail end of Peter and Sarah fighting again, and then we join the BQs, who are delivering their crocodile. They finish up and get their clue. They head for the bus and run into Peter and Sarah, who are still waiting.

The *lyns collect the Detour clue alongside the *wins. The *lyns think they want the rice, while the *wins want the crocs. The teams agree to stroll (and I do mean stroll) over and look at the rice task first, and then they can go to the crocs if it looks hard. When they get there, both teams decide to take a shot at filling in the design, but they immediately notice that it's about one billion degrees, and they're not feeling so much like they want to stand there all day sifting green powder into a pattern. Meanwhile, the Pointies get the Detour clue, and unsurprisingly, they want the crocs, who will make them feel right at home. They get in a cab, and as they drive, Kimberly comments on the thinness of a passing cow. "Is that a homeless cow?" she asks. There's a "boing-oing-oing" on the soundtrack here, like it's the stupidest comment ever, but I don't really get that, because I do understand what she's saying. A cow in the United States generally belongs somewhere -- it's not just wandering around. I think unaffiliated cows are something it's kind of weird to get used to for the racers. I'm not a big fan of her, nor am I any kind of fan of all the business about wanting to get away from the poor people and hang with the rich people, but "homeless cow"? I'm not mad at her for that.

Peter and Sarah and the BQs get on the bus back to Chennai.

And then, we are at the Rice detour, where the *wins and *lyns are noticing that the heat is rapidly becoming even more unpleasant than it already was. They decide that wrestling a crocodile and potentially running into Peter (okay, I added that) would be better than this, so they bail out in favor of the other Detour.

Rob and Kimberly wrangle the crocodile, and all of a sudden, they're done. I think the fact that there was so much intense airport drama required a trimming of the rest of the episode, because there's a lot missing. They get the Return To Chennai clue.

Here are the *wins and *lyns, heading for the crocodiles in those same little mini-cabs. As they travel, they go by a bus containing James and Tyler. Meanwhile, the Pointies learn that the buses come every 30 minutes, so they'll be waiting a while. They don't realize this, though, and they think they're going to get out ahead of everyone. Unfortunately, while they wait, the *wins and *lyns show up. I like it when the *wins are heading into the crocodile pits, and Godwin says, "You know James and Tyler do this every Tuesday, right?" Heh. Meanwhile, James and Tyler are reading the Detour information, and while they think the crocodiles will be faster, they're also worried about the fact that the crocodiles are first-come, first-served, and they have no idea where they really are. Furthermore, the Rice thing is right nearby, so they might as well go look.

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