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What A Croc

The BQs' driver gets the flat fixed. They're on their way. Finally, Sarah finishes rubber-banding the crocodile, so they can get on with the rest of what they're doing. They help carry the crocodile over to a sort of ladder-stretcher thing, where it begins to wriggle away. Peter commands Sarah to come and help, and she says that she's trying. The BQs arrive as Peter and Sarah are doing something involving their crocodile and a rope. They tie it to the stretcher and start carrying it, and Sarah makes the mistake of mentioning that it's a little scary. "It's not scary, Sarah," Peter says with disgust. The BQs make progress toward the crocodile pens. They got through the same rubber-banding process that Peter and Sarah did. Speaking of whom, Peter and Sarah make their way over another wall and into another pen, presumably where they will drop off the crocodile. They remove the ropes and bands and things. When they have the crocodile all done, they are given a clue, which tells them to travel by bus to Chennai. Phil explains that this is another 40 miles on the bus, and when they get there, they'll look for the Karthik Driving School, where they'll get another clue.

Peter and Sarah, "Currently In 1st Place," leave. He tells her she should be running, and she assures him that she's going as fast as she can. Of course, they miss the bus they're trying to catch by about ten seconds, meaning that Peter now hates her forever for being a big pokey slow slowpoke. "We missed the bus," he complains dejectedly. Sarah reads him loud and clear, and she says, "I can't go faster." "Sarah," he says in a pissy voice, "I'm not asking you to go faster." "Yes you are," she points out, "because I can't keep up with you." Peter is, as usual, disgusted with her. "Get it together, Sarah, come on." She says "Oh, [bleep]," and I dearly hope that was actually "Oh, [bleep] you," and we just didn't hear as much of it as we could have. Peter tells her that if she wants, he'll just go into weak-ass mode and not try to win or anything, if that's what she wants. Of course, she says that this isn't what she's saying. He doesn't really care. He tells her that he can't go halfway -- it's all or nothing. And isn't that what a partnership is all about? "Maybe you need to work on that," she says, and it is seriously about time. He tells her he's not working on anything -- he's completely happy with who he is. She says they're a team, and they're supposed to be working together. He has no idea what her issue is, because he thinks they are working together. "Remember, it's just a game, we're just having fun," he says. Sarah says what everyone else is thinking: "I'm not really having fun with you, Peter. I'm not."

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