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The next morning, a variety of very pretty sunrise shots leads us back to the snoozing group. Tian is building a little fire for some reason (I'm sorry, what now?) while Jeff brushes his teeth. How quaint. "Wow, what a night," remarks an exhausted-looking ClownJon as he takes in the surroundings in daylight. Millie is also jarred when she takes a look around. "It's kinda sad," ClownJon says to her. "You don't realize how lucky you are, you know?" Millie looks downhill from where they're camped out, and sees that there are quite a number of people living, as she puts it, "in really hard situations." She interviews that she's having a hard time watching kids emerge from "what are basically paper shanties." She comments that they're going to school; I have no idea whether that's the case or not, but it very well might be -- she may have seen a bunch of kids headed for the same place, for instance, which would tend to support her theory. She goes on to remark that if she won the money, she'd love to come back and do something to help the kids down the hill. Yeah, it's a little naïve, but...what else could you think in that circumstance? She cries a little and tries to concentrate on chewing her gum.

At 9:30 AM, the teams (apparently in line according to their arrivals -- how civilized!) go through a gate and are handed what I think are passes allowing them to wander around the studios without being accosted by security guards. They then run over to a group of marked bikes and take off riding in search of Studio 10. "Go fast, go hard," says Chuck to Millie, forgetting again to check that Double-Entendre Avoidance Device. Hee hee. Jaree, in an unfortunate flashback to previous form, is walking her bike as Tian encourages her to get moving. Team Who is first to find their way into the right studio. There, a variety of dancers dance on a stage around a collection of pillows and urns, and it is somewhere in that arrangement that Who finds their clue. ("Hurry up, dude," one of them says. Man, they are turning into Esquire.) The clue directs them to this week's Detour.

Phil, now sporting a shiny white shirt appropriate for the warm climate, explains the Detour, and the fact that this week's choice is Suds or Duds. In Suds, you go to a relatively easy-to-find "outdoor laundromat" and wash a bundle of clothes until they reveal the next clue, which is printed on one of the pieces of clothing under all the dirt. Note that "outdoor laundromat" in this context basically means a complex of large open vats of water in which you wash your clothes by hand, and then beat them within an inch of their lives. The task will be dirty, but shouldn't take terribly long and is easy to find. In "Duds," you find a little sari shop that's more out of the way, and you hunt through a few thousand cloths until you find the one with the clue printed on it. Unless you were really, really afraid of dirt, it's hard for me to understand why you would take the Duds in this situation. I don't think the muddy clothes are scary enough to qualify as a quasi-Reckless/Chicken like the poo was last week, so it's really more of a Tortoise/Hare where the laundry is the plodding Tortoise, except that it doesn't seem like the laundry is going to take that long. If they had said you had to completely finish washing, say, five bags of clothing, it would have been a better Detour, I think. As Phil adds at the end, no matter which Detour option you take, you can only get there by way of what he calls "India's crowded and bewildering public transportation." Boy, I heard that, Phil. Team Who goes for the Suds, and the Chipsters, Kelly and BuffJon, Chuck and Millie, and the Falconettes quickly follow. Team Who concludes that the best way to move toward the train station is on foot, so they just take off running. Millie and Chuck start running after them, as Tian and Jaree read the clue, go with popular opinion, and also decide on the Suds. ClownJon and Al, on the other hand, have decided to go for the Duds option. Al almost sounds like he thinks the clue said the Suds option involved hanging up all the clothes, but if it did, Phil didn't read that part.

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