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Back in the Amsterdam airport, the other teams have apparently figured out that the Chipsters went Alitalia, and they're reassuring themselves that they did the right thing in sticking with KLM. Al explains that he would have worried over the connection too much, and Millie agrees. At 8:35 AM, however, we see the Chipsters' plane touch down in Milan. (Or so they would have us believe. I've always assumed all the plane shots are fake, because it's not like you're going to send a camera guy to Milan in this situation just so he can sit on the ground and film the plane landing, given that it looks just like every other plane.) The Chipsters hustle off the plane and onto a bus, and they head for the 10:15 AM flight to Mumbai. See, landing at 8:35 and taking off at 10:15 is a diabolically close call with regard to the connection -- if it were much longer, you'd feel pretty comfortable, and if it were much shorter, you wouldn't go for it. You know, it's moments like this that I realize why Orbitz has taken the place of porn in the lives of so many. At any rate, the Milan to Mumbai flight takes off without incident at 10:15, so it looks like in this case, the Chipsters' gamble is going to pay off, or at least not explode in their faces and singe their eyebrows like a propane tank.

As the remainder of the teams board the KLM flight for their 10:35 departure, Jon voices over that everyone is on the flight except for the Chipsters. "We're with the pack; that's all that matters," Kelly adds. "And we're going somewhere hot." In Kelly's world, there are four Hs at the beginning of "hot. "Hhhhot." They take off.

Dueling Amazing Yellow Lines give the nutshell version of this entire sequence, showing how Chip and Reichen's flight leaves Milan just before the rest of the folks leave Amsterdam, and thus is a little ahead of them. And then? India. At this point, it's not so much that the cameramen are drunk as it is that the editors have had a little too much Red Bull, as we flash from a beach to a group of kids to a couple of very pretty temples to a woman to a crowd to some snake charmers to a sort of cow-drawn rickshaw to an old man to a beautiful sunset, and then back to the airport to monitor the arrival of the Chipsters, who are arriving at 10:55 PM. I'm tired already. Experience the chaos! Leaving the airport, they pass a throng of people waiting outside and are immediately struck by the level of activity that is evident at 11:00 at night. They look for a taxi, and when they find one, they check with their driver that he knows where Film City is, and they're off. "I hope this works," says Reichen, looking mighty squashed in the cab, which looks to be even smaller than most cabs, making the fact that he has to share the back seat with Chip and the sound guy probably even more of a trial than usual.

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