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But anyway, Chip maintains that forty minutes could be a very important lead at this point in the process.

ClownJon, balancing a pencil behind his ear, is chuckling with Team Who about the fact that the Chipsters are "out of control." He notes with amusement the "stress on their faces," and then we cut to Reichen, looking ruggedly stressed and yet rather dead-eyed with the super-early-morning version of his sleep-deprived look. It's great for those Sominex print ads, you know. The Alitalia ticket agent who is seeing the Chipsters through this difficult experience tells them that the time has come for them to make a decision, because if they're going to try to get on the 6:55 AM flight to Milan, he needs to print their ticket now. Reichen voices over, in an interesting parallel to Chip's speech after the parking lot debacle, that he usually trusts Chip's instincts. Man, it's like they're both walking around with shirts that say, "He's With Stupid." "On paper, it looks like the best decision," Reichen says, presumably talking about the Alitalia option.

Tian and Jaree pull up outside. They collect their stuff, accept their driver's encouragement to "have a nice time in India," and head into the airport. Nice bright white windbreaker, Tian -- that'll have a nice trail of international entrees down the front of it in short order. Inside, they find all the non-Chipster teams lined up at the KLM ticket counter, and Jaree expresses surprise to Al that the teams are all just getting their tickets now. He explains that everything's been closed until this point. She is surprised to hear that being at the airport hours earlier was of very little benefit to the other teams, the way things worked out.

At 6:50 AM, Chip explains that the Milan flight is about to leave, and they intend to be on it. The Chipsters very graciously thank the Alitalia agent, and then book through the airport past a sign that says "6:58." Reichen voices over that "the worst thing you can do in this race is worry about what other teams are doing." It's true...and also not true. If you're confident you're right, I totally agree that you wouldn't follow the pack in another direction just for the sake of following the pack. On the other hand, striking out on your own is potentially a huge risk, I said, the equation here would have tipped the other way for me, but I admire their moxie in trying to think for themselves and being willing to take some risks. At 7:00 AM, only about five minutes late, the Alitalia flight takes off from Amsterdam on its way to Milan.

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