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The Chipsters are sniffing around a different route to Mumbai. It turns out that they can fly Alitalia and connect through Milan, and this route will theoretically arrive about forty minutes before the KLM flight. Of course, this depends on making the connection, having two flights leave on time instead of one, and so forth. Chip very wisely asks the ticket agent how the weather is in Milan, in order to get the best possible feel for the likelihood that the connection will be smooth. (Good question -- one point for the Chipster.) The agent tells him it's fine as far as he knows.

Monica and Sheree arrive and are greeted by ClownJon, who mutters under his breath, "They're workin' it," in a way I'm not sure I appreciate. I'm not sure what "workin' it" means in this context except, you know, walking by. The Falconettes catch up with the Chipsters, and Chip explains to them about the Milan option. Monica and Sheree are nervous about the connection, and don't want to risk it for a gain of forty minutes.

Meanwhile, David and Jeff come strolling into the airport and run into the clowns. "Why don't you guys just save us some time and tell us which flight to take?" David asks. ClownJon gives a forced laugh. I was almost positive when I saw the show that what he said next was, "That's gay, that's gay," which skeeved me out but also sort of made no sense, because even people who do use that expression as a negative wouldn't be likely to use it like that. Fortunately, on second viewing, it became pretty clear that what he says is, "That's good, that's good," as in, "Oh, good one, ha ha, not," which makes infinitely more sense. His accent and the smile he's forcing the word through are what make it sound like "gay."

The Chipsters agonize over whether to take the Alitalia flight. Reichen is wondering aloud whether it's really worth risking missing a connection to gain a forty minute lead. Geek sidebar: There are two reasons why I think the better decision in the long run would have been to stick with the KLM flight. The first is that the potential lead is not only small, but will be situated late at night, which makes losing it through bunching nearly inevitable. Their flight, after all, is going to land in India at 10:55 PM. The likelihood of the leg continuing throughout the night so that they can maintain their lead just seems very, very tiny. Second, I think risks in general are far more worth taking when you're behind or risking being behind, rather than when you're going for a small lead as opposed to staying with the pack. So I think I would have tilted, in the end, in the direction of KLM. And those are my two reasons. And I rest my case. And I so need a margarita.

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