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4:43 AM. Falconettes. Sheree voices over that she and Monica are closer than ever, because nothing cements a friendship like digging in poop. She says it more politely than that, of course. This week, they choose to go for the airport by train, and are hoping to catch one that leaves at 5:12, so they're quick into the taxi to head for the train station.

At the Schiphol Airport, Jon and Al are just arriving. They're greeted by Millie and Chuck, and thus is the International Society of Clowns and Virgins reunited. Millie breaks the news that everything is closed until morning, and Chuck adds what they learned about the KLM flight. Elsewhere, Kelly and BuffJon are also learning about the KLM flight, and BuffJon has determined that it's "probably the best bet." Nevertheless, he and Kelly go to take a look around, since it looks like they've got plenty of time.

5:05 AM. David and Jeff. (You'll notice that the teams were pretty spread out landing on the mat last week.) In an interview in which most of his hair is attempting to flee his head by bolting directly for the ceiling, David explains that in this leg, they need to be "smart, conservative, and precise." Well, that should be entertaining. Jeff adds in a voice-over that they're "looking at this like a business deal." Hey, it worked for Blake. Well...kind of. Jeff nabs the driver's cell phone to work on flights.

The Chipsters arrive at the airport as Millie, having snagged herself another cell phone from somewhere, sews up the ISCV seats on the KLM flight, taking care to put herself close to the front of the plane. Which is...fine, but it's probably a little bit early in the leg for that to make a lot of difference. You never know, I guess. At least this way, she and Chuck won't have to try to cooperate in finding their way up the aisle.

Monica and Sheree de-train at the airport just as Team Whooo? arrives.

5:42 AM. Tian and Jaree rip open their clue, already looking infinitely better than last week from literally the moment they appear. Tian runs the pronunciation through her Morning-Mouth-o-Meter and comes up with "Mumbia," but other than that, they seem to be off to a good start. Tian interviews that she doesn't want to fight with Jaree anymore, so she's going to let Jaree be herself and stop haranguing her all the time. As you know by now, this is what I wish she would have done a long time ago. Of course, I would undoubtedly be the slow person in any situation like this as opposed to the butt-kicker, so I am not necessarily a good judge. Jaree adds in a voice-over that it's not a matter of "kiss and make up," it's a matter of knowing they're not going to survive the experience unless they treat each other better. Did you hear that, Millie? Yeah, I didn't think so. In the cab, Jaree delivers a rather oddball monologue about how the only reason she'd go to India would be to buy tapestries, so maybe she'll throw out all her clothes when they get there and just fill her pack with tapestries. Tian looks at her like, "Yeah, and I might throw out my clothes and fill my pack with a Hefty bag full of your shredded connective tissue," but no one says anything. You can tell they're really trying not to fight.

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