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Clowns, Falconettes, and Tian and Jaree are now all being shown on the way to the pit stop -- though I secretly suspect that it wasn't quite this close. "I just know we're going to get out and run," says a reenergized Tian. We first see Al and ClownJon pull up, along with Tian and Jaree. "It's here, Jaree!" Tian suddenly yells. "Run!" And...what do you know? It's Jaree, running with her backpack. As they get inside the gate, the ladies drop their packs (good move) and take off. They land on the mat. Welcome, you are team number five. Good for them. They did really well this week. They also hug each other with a lot of excitement when they're checked in, which is more than I can say for some other teams that shall remain nameless, like Chuck and Millie. "Jaree and I are not quitters," says Tian. It is remarkable to think that last week, Tian didn't care if they were eliminated. My guess? Next week, they are so gone.

It apparently was really close between the girls and the clowns, because Jon and Al step on the mat while Tian is still catching her breath. "Jon and Al, you're team number six," says Phil. Very relieved, ClownJon collapses on the ground. No kidding -- those guys have run a really good race so far, and it would have sucked to get bumped by one bad leg.

Sigh. Speaking of getting bumped by one bad leg, here are Monica and Sheree, emerging from their cab. They go up to the mat, and they're Philiminated. I was sad to see them go, but honestly, they were Philiminated fair and square as can be. I'm happier to see teams go out where it's not luck and it's not bunching and it's not their cab driver -- they lost, it appeared, because they didn't do a good job getting from Film City to the Detour. It's a shame, but it happens. They also got the wind knocked out of them by India, which is what I think Sheree says when she concludes, "India just wasn't my cup of tea."

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Our tour of seventh-grade homeroom continues as Jon and Kelly keep up their constant monitoring of Millie's mole. Tian just about loses her shirt in a mud hazard of some kind, so you know at least some people will be watching. Ernie the Elephant's cousin has a cameo.

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