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3:15 PM. Al and ClownJon. "Oh, my God, Mumbai, India," Al says as he reads the clue. We learn that the cash for this part of the race is $110. They goof around as they leave the mat, but in an interview, Al explains seriously that they were very relieved to have come in second last week. Jon concurs that they've worked together in the circus for years, and they come from what he calls "the old school," which maintains that no matter what happens, you just keep pushing. I'm actually beginning to believe that "circus clown" just may be the ideal occupational background for racers. You learn to handle stress, you learn the psychology of four-year-olds, and you learn how they clean up after elephants. That pretty much sums it up.

3:34 AM. BuffJon and Kelly. They, too, act happy about going to India. Jon says that he and Kelly are getting along fine, and that he thinks she's getting better at not freaking out when they make mistakes. In the car, they study the map, and Kelly gives him big points for just finding the city they're going to. Heh. I guess when you're looking at marrying a guy with some of Jon's attitudes about the female orgasm, you have to be pleased when his geography is even remotely accurate. (Oh, I know what you're thinking. And the answer is, "Until it stops making me laugh.")

In The Car In Which True Love Waits, Millie gets the news over the phone that there's a direct flight on KLM to Mumbai from Amsterdam, but it doesn't leave until 10:35 in the morning, which is almost eight hours away. She says she's hoping they can get a flight out sooner than that, so that they "don't completely lose [their] lead." I would say the odds of maintaining a forty-five minute lead when you leave for the airport at 2:25 in the morning are approximately zero, but then, if she can hold out for the proposal, I guess she's not afraid to take on fairly daunting odds.

4:26 AM. Chipsters. Chip offers his usual overenunciation of the clue (seriously, it's not radio, Chip), and they smile as they leave the mat. For a minute, Chip holds up the clue like he's going to show it to the camera, and then he apparently remembers that they're not going to show it -- that's why he just read it. Nitwit. Chip interviews that he wishes they were in a better position; he knows the other teams are no pushovers, and he hopes they can find a way to get "one step ahead." In the cab, their driver asks if they want to go to the airport in the cab, or just as far as the train. It's not clear to me whether this is a similar situation to the one two weeks ago or not, because I'm not sure how far it is to the airport, but you can almost never go wrong by taking the cab, which is what they decide to do.

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