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Back at the fish market, Chuck and ClownJon are returning with the supplementary fish they need to complete the task. Chuck gets approved first, so he and Millie take off. Tian returns to the fish pile as well to fetch a few more palai. This time, she does hoist it all the way up onto her head, to the mild cheering of a supportive and somewhat amused crowd. Back at the market manager's station, ClownJon gets his fish counted and is cleared for takeoff. Tian then returns as well, and gets another energetic hug and shoulder-rub from Jaree. "Tian at the Roadblock kicked butt," Jaree says, bringing that inflection to the word "butt" that only a mildly southern bad-ass chick can really deliver. Tian starts out looking like she's kissing Jaree's shoulder, but then it ends up looking like she's really wiping her face on Jaree's shirt. Hee. Suddenly filled with energy, Tian jumps up and down happily, shouting, "Clue! Clue! Clue!" She receives the clue, and they go. "Come on, let's go!" Jaree yells energetically. "Tax-iiii!" Jaree voices over -- and listen up, if you ever intend to try to cajole anyone into doing anything -- that Tian's decision to stop putting her down and bugging her all the time has made her want to work harder and do better. Treat people with respect, and they want more of it, and they do better. It's as true with racing as it is with four-year-olds. Oh, and what happens right there? Jaree grabs Tian's pack along with her own and says reassuringly, "I got it -- let's go!" Awesome. You couldn't write that if you tried.

Al and ClownJon are also getting into their cab. "It's us and the girls," Al says unhappily. "The Gateway to India," ClownJon says to the driver. "Rapidito." There is a pause. "'Rapidito' doesn't mean 'fast' in every language," Al says quietly, with an almost imperceptible chortle. God, no kidding. And also, hee hee.

In last place are Monica and Sheree, just now arriving at the docks. Aww. Monica tackles the fish. She doesn't seem to me to have twenty fish in the basket when they show her, so she may have done it in a couple of trips -- which, depending on how far it was, might not have been the worst idea. They get on their way to the pit stop as well. On the way there, Monica asks God for a miracle. God picks up his rubber duckie. "[Squeak squeak]," says God.

The clowns and Tian and Jaree are on their way to the pit stop in cabs, while Millie and Chuck have picked up a little time and are already running to the pit stop. How do they keep doing that? They bug me. Welcome, Millie and Chuck, you're team number four. Chuck looks very, very unhappy at the mat today, and not especially excited when Millie wants a high five. He eventually gives what I would call a meh-five.

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