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Jon is filling his basket with fish. While he doesn't hoist the full basket onto his head, he does carry it on his shoulder, which gives him a similar sprinkling of fish juice down his shirt. You can actually see it cascading down his back as he runs back toward the clue box. "Good job, babe!" Kelly says happily as the market manager checks the fish to make sure Jon got he right ones.

Millie and Chuck are out of their cab at the docks.

Jon and Kelly have their fish certified by the manager and are able to depart with the pit stop clue in hand. "I smell like fish food," Jon says thoughtfully. As they leave, Kelly comments that she saw both Millie and the clowns arriving.

Sure enough, the ISCV is arriving, and Chuck and ClownJon take the Roadblock. At about the same time, Tian and Jaree appears, and unsurprisingly, this physical and unpleasant task falls to Tian. Both Tian and ClownJon seem to get what is probably an inadvertent bum steer from people at the fish pile who assure them that all the fish are the same, which we know is not the case. Chuck, Tian, and ClownJon all take off with their baskets, although only ClownJon takes the hoisting approach. Chuck interviews that as soon as he returned with the fish, he realized that he hadn't been careful enough, because he didn't check to make sure he had the right kind of fish. The market manager tells him that he needs ten more, because half of his first load was wrong. ClownJon returns and gets similar bad news that he needs twelve more of the palai. Tian explains as she hauls the basket up against her body that the task is very hard and the basket is very heavy. She voices over that she thinks "the only way you limit yourself is to limit yourself," which is one of those things that's completely ridiculous and yet sort of true. She does eventually wind up hoisting the basket over her head, and once she returns and dumps it, she's clearly very tired and near tears. "Good job, girl," Jaree says, and comes over to put an arm around Tian. Tian leans on Jaree's shoulder and Jaree rubs her arm comfortingly as the market guy counts the fish. She finds out that she needs six more fish, so she turns around and heads back out. "Good girl, good girl," Jaree cheers as Tian takes off. Look who's functional all of a sudden? Go figure.

Back at the mat, Kelly and BuffJon arrive. Welcome, you are team number three. "Give me a big hug, Phil," says BuffJon, still covered in fish juice. Phil wisely ignores him. Heh.

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