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Societal fabric softener

Monica and Sheree get out of the first class car and head for Suds. At Duds, ClownJon and Al continue flipping through fabric until ClownJon finally locates the Sassoon Docks clue. Their cab driver tells them it's fifteen or twenty minutes to the docks, so they did pick up some time there on the Suds people.

Monica and Sheree, poster girls for Killer Fatigue all of a sudden, have gone once through the laundry bag without successfully finding the clue, so they have to start over and go through everything again. "All I'm praying is somebody else had worse luck than we did," Monica says. They persevere. And pray.

Commercials. I don't care how nice the Best Buy guy is; I'm not inviting him over.

Back at the laundry, Monica and Sheree finally find the clue. "It's not over till it's over," they chant to themselves. They grab a taxi and head for the docks.

The Pectoral College is just arriving at the docks, and when they pull the clue, it's this week's Roadblock. In the Roadblock, the team member has to take a basket through the fish market to a particular merchant, and then has to pluck twenty palai fish from a pile that includes some other kinds as well. Put those twenty fish in the basket, bring the basket back, and you're done. I love how Phil, when he's explaining the Roadblock, loudly proclaims the fish market "foul-smelling" while standing right in the middle of it. I half-expected somebody to dump a pile of fish guts on his head.

The dark-haired members of the Pectoral College -- Chip and Jeff -- take the Roadblock for their respective teams, and given that there's likely to be a bit of chaos and they know they're out in front, the two guys choose to look for the merchant together. The best part of the introductory yappety-yap of this Roadblock is the opportunity to hear David say to Jeff, "Memorize that fish!" That would make a great game show, I think. It could be like Cram, except they could lock you in the National Aquarium overnight. Wow, that's such a good idea I can hardly believe it's not already on. Anyway, back at the starting line, David and Reichen talk about how different the surroundings are from what they're used to. "It's the most messed-up thing I've ever seen in my life," Reichen says uncomfortably. Chip and Jeff find the correct pile of fish, and start plucking out the palai. Much as they did at Cheesetown, the locals look on in amusement. Jeff then gets help from some guys to lift the basket up onto his head, which is how the other people walking around seem to be carrying things. Chip hoists his up top as well. What they weren't counting on was what Chip calls the "shower of fish tuna water" that they receive by carrying fish in baskets on their heads. It's an interesting question, how a local person would handle that without having the same problem. Line the basket with something? I'm just speculating. They certainly don't all appear to be covered with fish tuna water. These guys do seem to be becoming buddies as they finish the Roadblock and have their fish counted. They've both successfully brought back the right twenty fish on the first try, so they're free to go. And smelling quite lovely, I suspect. They're off to the pit stop, which is the Gateway of India, a big monument that, for India, is relatively new at 79 years old, having been built to commemorate a visit from Queen Mary. The last team to check in will be eliminated. Ooooh, the MAT! Can't sleep…mat will eat me...

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