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Tian recommends that she and Jaree just dump the whole bag of laundry in the water and then pull them out as you wash them off, which I think is actually a fairly good plan, but Jaree responds by throwing the entire bag -- bag and all, still tied up -- into the water. "You cannot be serious," Tian says with frustration as she endeavors to untie it.

ClownJon and Al are getting out of the train station and heading for the Duds. As they leave, you can see a train car go by with women leaning out, and if you pause at the right time, you can see that the car says, "Ladies Only." So that's what happened to the women. They didn't ride in the women's cars -- either because of the crew, or because they didn't choose to, or because they didn't know -- so they were riding in cars where women normally wouldn't. This is probably particularly an issue for Tian and Jaree, who rode without boyfriends. I'm not excusing anything that happened to them; I'm just saying it somewhat solves the mystery of whether Indian women don't ride the trains or endure that kind of behavior all the time. Moreover, it's important to remember that the vast majority of guys on that train were undoubtedly behaving themselves; it doesn't take very many assholes to commit some pretty ridiculous behavior. The clowns take off in search of the shop where the Duds will be found. "I hope this works," Al mutters.

Monica and Sheree are just now grabbing the bus to the train station. Uh-oh. They're starting to get The Look.

Millie finds the muddy clue at the laundry at last. They take off, leaving Tian and Jaree still looking.

Al and ClownJon, predictably, are having a bit of trouble finding the sari shop. ClownJon voices over that it was difficult navigating the marketplace. Would those be "the chaotic streets of this chaotic marketplace"? Because I think that place has been in about six different episodes in about four different countries.

Monica and Sheree finally reach the train station. Once on the train, Monica comments that she "hope[s] this leg is about to end real soon."

At last, ClownJon and Al have found their way to the sari shop. They start hunting through saris.

Tian and Jaree are back at the laundry, trying to find their way through the grime to the clue. They track it down at last, and quickly hop out of the tub to get on their way, as a couple of the observing locals give them a shout of encouragement. They ask how far it is to the docks, and are told that it's forty-five minutes. They encourage the driver to hurry, suddenly substantially more interested in their lot in life than they were last week.

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