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Speaking of cabs, Reichen is trying to get the Chipster cab going. "Will you drive fast? Rapid?" he asks. The driver says he will. Team Who is doing the same thing in their cab, maintaining that they're trying to win a little race to the docks. I have a feeling that the Pectoral College is developing a little intramural racing league that's probably beneficial for all its participants.

On the bus, BuffJon explains that someone told him the bus was the fastest way to Sassoon Docks, and Kelly adds emphatically through clenched teeth that "the bus is much better than the train."

Speaking of the train, Millie and Chuck have (it appears) reunited with their crew at the train station, where she is saying that they're now looking for the laundry. She and Chuck, just like teams before them, stroll right by the red and yellow tags and into the laundry, where they become perplexed. It's actually Chuck who apparently concludes first that they should just pick up some laundry that's lying around and start washing it. This, despite the fact that what they're looking at appears to be clean, and therefore unlikely to have any caked dirt on it that uncovers a clue, and also the fact that they're clearly surrounded by actual people doing their actual laundry, so what they're about to do seems to be risky at best. But of all the things Millie and Chuck are good at, they are most emphatically not good at stopping and figuring out what the hell they're doing before they do things. So Millie just takes some clothes that are nearby and plunges them into the dirty water she's standing in. Understandably, the guy whose laundry that is doesn't really appreciate this, and comes over to take his clothes back. Millie explains that as it turned out, she took clean laundry and dunked it back in the dirty water. Hee. Millie's a Bad Samaritan. What's especially nice is that she gives him this pissed-off, snotty look as he walks away with his own clothes, so she apparently didn't even feel particularly apologetic. Thwarted, she orders Chuck to look for a bundle of laundry.

Tian and Jaree are able to get off the train at last. Jaree vows to never get on another train in India again, while Tian remarks, actually with a disbelieving and regretful smile, "I've never had my ass pinched so much in all my life."

Millie, apparently on a trail as if someone gave her a heads-up (perhaps someone who saw other teams), is encouraging Chuck to run back outside to look for the laundry bag, and this time, he finds it. They get started just as Tian and Jaree catch up to them. Chuck and Millie are having some disagreements about laundry technique, because Millie's in the water, while Chuck seems to be taking the approach of shaking out the really dusty stuff before he even hands it over to be washed -- hoping, I think, that he'll be able to spot the letters of the clue through the dirt and save Millie some washing. He voices over that becoming competitive with each other is "not uncommon" for them, because neither of them likes to give in. "Gosh, you don't listen to me at all," she despairs. Then she whines, some more, "Chuck, pleeeease." "Millie?" Chuck says evenly as he unfolds and examines another shirt. "Please be quiet." Heh. Hey, even Chuck has his limits, people.

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