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Al and ClownJon are now on the train to the Duds option, and ClownJon notes from the sea of arms in which he finds himself that "the New York subways are nothing compared to this."

Now, we arrive at the Mahalaxmi train station, which is apparently where you head if you're looking for Suds. The Chipsters are the first to get there, and they ask directions to the Suds location. Phil re-explains the Detour for no particular reason, recapping that six of the seven teams are on their way to Suds, while Al and ClownJon have elected to go for Duds. "Honey, we're gonna wash some clothes!" Chip (I think) calls out as they run toward the Laundromat. Heh. When they get there, it is not immediately obvious to them where the stuff they're supposed to wash is located. As it turns out, they have run right past the bags of laundry with the red and yellow ribbons on them. Duh. He brings it back to Reichen in triumph. They open the bag, shocked at how really muddy and dusty the clothes are. We see them washing the clothes in the vats, as Reichen voices over that they "got completely filthy, covered by mud and clay." Oh, and he thinks there might have been some manure, too. Aw, manure. It's like a motif.

The bus carrying Team Who and Kelly and BuffJon arrives at the station, and as they pile off, Kelly manages to say "this is my nightmare" two more times, and BuffJon voices over that she's "a trooper." "There's not many girls who would be able to throw themselves into situations like this one today and focus and get through it." I like to think that when he says "there's not many girls," BuffJon means "there's not many girls because there's not many people," but sadly, I suspect BuffJon actually means "there's not many girls." They hold hands as they make their way up the stairs away from the train. "Good job, baby," he says to her. "That was awful," she says, still miserable. These two teams also find their way to the Suds, and they seem to find the designated laundry bags a little more easily. The Chipsters are still washing, and they're not too happy to see other teams arriving. As BuffJon and Kelly get started, she finds herself splashed by the water being thrown by a guy beating his clothes on a rock beside her. She hollers in protest, because she's Kelly, and that's exactly what you would expect.

The first Suds team to find the clue is the Chipsters, who uncover the words, "Get to Indo Engineering at Sassoon Docks." Phil explains that this is also in Mumbai, and when they get there, they'll find the next clue. Team Who is quick to find the clue, so they and the Chipsters head out at just about the same time. As Kelly and BuffJon keep looking, the guy next to her slops her with even more water this time. It's hard to tell a smile from a laundry-pounding grimace, but I believe he might have been having a bit of fun with Miss Kelly and her horrified hollering. She mutters to BuffJon that some of the water got into her mouth: "Now I'm gonna get diarrhea." Kelly then finds the clue at last. She and BuffJon, unlike the Pectoral College, leave on the bus rather than in a cab. Kind of a puzzling decision unless they're cash-poor, but I have to say that my recollections of the very bad experiences that some of the first-season racers had with cab drivers in India make me maybe understand it a little better. After all, they don't want to wind up so lost that they find themselves in a building with a sign that says "Is there a BOMB near you?"

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