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Back at the station, Millie and Chuck wait for the train. When it arrives, Millie -- without checking on the location of her crew, Chuck, or anything of that kind -- climbs right onto the train. Chuck calmly calls to her that he can't get on the train. "I can't, Millie," he says, apparently not wanting to push and shove through the guys who are boarding. And, just for the folks in the cheap seats, Millie yells, "I can't get off, Chuck!" Ay yi yi. Eventually, Chuck seems to get himself on the train, if by "on" you mean "sort of hanging off the side." It isn't clear quite what happens there, but judging from the fact that you will not be seeing a single shot of Chuck and Millie on the train, and from the look of that scene, I think Chuck and Millie lost their crew at the platform. Baaad Millie.

Tian and Jaree manage to shove their way onto a train as well, but they're just as squashed as everybody else was. And then you hear Jaree: "Somebody just grabbed my boob. Don't grab my boob, dude, or I'll throw you off the train," she says ominously, and not at all figuratively. Tian then notes that she's getting pinched, followed by Jaree noting that she's being "fondled." "Jaree?" Tian calls out, unable to even see her partner through the crowd. "I'm over here, T," says a weary Jaree, who then comments, "Oh, man, the smells are...just everything on this train is making me sick." "Baby, we can do this," Tian says from her position crushed up against a wall. Jaree grimaces.

Commercials. Okay, that is Frankie from Another World and that is Lois Lane's evil memory doctor, and I have entirely too much of television history rattling around in my brain.

Back on the train, Jaree is commenting that "everybody was fondling [her]." In a voice-over, she says, "Nothing has happened that would define us as a 'girl team' until today." Tian, in turn, voices over that she and Jaree are "second-class citizens here," so they're sticking together and gutting it out.

ClownJon is in the process of balancing something on his nose again, in an effort to entertain a crowd that is looking on with some interest but little amusement. "Nothing. Hard crowd," he says. I really felt for him there, because I think he's used to Clown being the universal language, which it often is, and he was clearly pretty surprised and more than a little embarrassed to see it fail him that time.

Elsewhere, Monica and Sheree receive the bad news from a helpful local that where they're trying to get for the Suds option is "very far from here." He tells them they can go by train, but it's far away. Sheree voices over that she's been "living the life" recently, so it's been a while since she really struggled with something as hard as this. "It's really been awakening for me," she says. She and Monica stand on a street, looking upset and frustrated.

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