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Jon and Kelly and David and Jeff have shown up at the station, and when Kelly asks when the next train is, she's told it's within a few minutes, so she and her crowd prepare to board as well. Chuck and Millie somehow got separated from them between the bus and the train, because they're still asking directions and trying to figure out how to get to the train station. I would point out that as Kelly and Jon make their way to the platform to board the train, there are a number of women visible in the shot, so it's certainly not the case that women in India don't take trains, despite the way things look from later shots inside the cars. As the train pulls in, Kelly and Jon become aware of the incredible crowding as well, and though they run frantically from car to car looking for one that has space, they eventually wind up just watching the train pull out, having concluded that it was literally impossible to get on. Neither they nor David and Jeff make it onto the train. "That was interesting, huh?" David says as he and Jeff exchange a funny little "zoiks" smile. Hee. Yeah, they're definitely growing on me a little.

Outside, Millie and Chuck are getting to the train station as well.

Back on the platform, Kelly tells Jon to just push his way onto the train, undoubtedly thinking that they have no other real options. When the next train comes, they do have an easier time actually getting onto it than it looked like they would have had on the last one, but there is great chaos and there's still extremely tight crowding. Kelly calls over her shoulder, "Is everybody in?" and while she certainly could have been talking about David and Jeff, who were behind them, I'm pretty sure she was talking to her crew, because it's pretty clear that there's a substantial risk here of getting separated from your crew. You can actually see Jeff watching for his guys, I think, too. Team Guido has always told us that it's like traveling with children -- if they don't go, you don't go. "Somebody's grabbin' my butt," Kelly remarks rather matter-of-factly as the car fills with men. Just as she did in the cab, she says, "This is my nightmare," twice, which I'm not sure is too helpful. Once they're on the way, Kelly begins to panic as a result of being absolutely squashed within an inch of her life. She insists she wants off the train. "Somebody help Kelly, please," Jon says, apparently again addressing the crew. (At least it seemed that way -- I'm not sure who else he could have been talking to.)

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