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Elsewhere, a pack consisting of Team Who, the Falconettes, Kelly and BuffJon, and the International Society of Clowns and Virgins is running along the road. The Chipsters, on the other hand, have gotten back on their bikes and are pedaling back in the direction of the gate where they came in. Tian and Jaree, meanwhile, look like they may be in for another round of Look How Much My Partner Sucks The Bag, as Tian repeats yet again that it sucks that Jaree can't run, because they're behind. "Everybody's ahead of us anyway, so…" Jaree grumps as she trudges along the road. Tian voices over that she's decided that if they lose because they can't run, then that's what happens, but she's not going to keep picking on Jaree over it. And, see, I think that's more productive anyway. I think in some of these push-pull relationships, the more one person pulls in one direction, the more the other person pulls in the other direction. "You can't make a dog with three legs run faster," Tian comments. Well, you can, but you need a firecracker and a metal bucket. (Just kidding! Don't email me!)

The Chipsters have found their way to a bus that they're being told goes to the train station in Mumbai, where they can catch a train to get to where they need to go.

David and Jeff, BuffJon and Kelly, and Chuck and Millie make it onto a bus that's just leaving as they're climbing on, but Monica and Sheree have apparently lost the pack, because they're still asking for directions, unsure of what exactly they should do next. I've always thought this was actually the biggest risk of following other people -- it means you have no plan of your own, so if you get separated from them, you have no idea what to do. The Falconettes have, however, found themselves just across the road from a similarly trudging Al and Jon, who also didn't get on the bus.

Speaking of the bus, BuffJon gives the update that he and Kelly, Millie and Chuck, and David and Jeff have left Monica and Sheree and ClownJon and Al behind. "I hope we're going the right way," he says. Tian and Jaree, meanwhile, also grab a bus that's on the way by.

The Chipsters are the first to arrive at the Mumbai train station. As they prepare to board, they notice that there are guys literally hanging off the side of the train, it's so crowded. Reichen explains that in order to get on this particular train, you had to push and shove as hard as you could, because it's pretty much a solid wall of humanity inside the cars. They manage to...well, push and shove their way onto the train. The only thing I can think about during this scene is the poor camera guy, who has to push and shove himself and his equipment around. Those guys should get hazard pay. Or at least the occasional hazard beer.

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