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Buenos Aires certainly looks lovely in the opening sequence, in which Phil tells us that Argentina's capital city dates back almost five hundred years. "And in this affluent neighborhood, El Gomera, [stands] an enormous, 200-year-old rubber tree." We didn't get this good a look at the tree last week, but it's really impressive. I bet a rubber tree that big would bounce really high. It's also the start of the third leg. Other Rachel and Dave won the last leg, so now they get to be the first to start this one, at 12:22 AM. The clue tells them to fly to the Corazón de América, Paraguay. Specifically, Phil and the subtitles tell us they need to fly to the city of Asunción. There, they'll go to a yard equipment supply store called Metalurgica Punta de Rieles -- which looks like a sprawling yard packed with playground and grilling equipment -- and find their next clue. They have $200 for this leg. Other Rachel and Dave talk about how winning two legs in a row might make them a target. Like the other teams are armed or something.

Art and JJ are leaving at 12:25 AM. JJ says it's good to be going to another Spanish-speaking country, "Where we can really dominate." They talk about the team just ahead of them being a good team: "We think alike. We both do the same thing, we both protect America." Did Major Dave sign off on that sentiment? JJ says they'll stick together and dominate the whole season. He does like to talk about dominating, doesn't he?

Other Rachel and Dave reach the airport and see an 8:45 flight to Asunción listed on the board. The Border Patrol agents show up soon after and both teams go to the ticket counter to try to get seats. Alas, the flight is full and they have to go to the check-in counters to get on standby. This is the kind of moment that tells you we're going to spend a fair chunk of the episode in the airport.

Next thing you know, all the other teams are at the airport as well, Rachel looking more ridiculous than usual in a bedazzled green headband. Nary and Jamie have found out about the standby flight and wave the other teams over to the counter where they are. JJ is deeply offended by this conduct on the part of the "teachers." Yes, lest we forget, Nary and Jamie are federal agents running the race undercover, because of how they figure people like teachers. This would be a flawed argument even if there weren't another team of agents on this race. I mean, for federal agents they obviously don't hang around many Republicans. JJ sees Nary and Jamie's helpfulness as a sign of himself being screwed over by people he's helped, even though there's no evidence of his having helped anyone and it's not like any of these other teams are going to get on the flight before he and Art do. Shouldn't he be looking forward to having more people in Paraguay to dominate? He whine-terviews, "We're basically gonna run the race for ya? That's not going to happen any more." Any more? And would his attitude be different if he knew that Nary and Jamie also protect America?

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