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Previously on De Plane! De Plane! Sees...Nothing!: Everybody went to Tuscany, where TK turned out not to have such sharp eyes, and Nick and Don needed plenty sharp needles in order to get the tattoos that won them the Fast Forward and the victory on the leg. Meanwhile, Kynt was the first person to make big Liza Minnelli glasses really menacing, as he turned into one big yelping jackass and harangued Vyxsin while she complained bitterly about how long she'd gone without sleep and graciously refrained from snapping him like a twig, which you know she could have. Not all little kittens are friendly, you know. They came in last, but they weren't eliminated, which set off righteous indignation in the many viewers who put aside what Phil said on the air at the beginning of the season in favor of what the internet said somebody said a CBS guy said at a party in someone's garage while the music was kind of loud and everyone might have been drunk. Kynt and Vyxsin learned that in this leg (this one that's coming up), they'd face an extra task that would be their punishment, replacing past unpopular punishments including money-stealing, money-and-stuff-stealing, and that stupid conditional half-hour penalty. Five teams left. Who will be

Credits. The water closed over that Jason and Lorena team, didn't it? My brain has them in the same drawer as obscure Party Of 5 characters, where it's like, "Wait, who was Grace? [think think think] Oh, Graaaace, right." [BOMP.]

We are in Florence, Italy, where I don't want to judge, but I'm going to just say that some of the statues have forgotten their pants. That is embarrassing. Apparently the "birthplace of the Italian Renaissance" is also the birthplace of streaking. Way to go, Italy. Anyway, we are at the sixteenth-century garden that served as the pit stop. These five teams have no idea what's in store! Phil wonders whether TK and Rachel can stop being bumbling screw-ups, and whether Kynt and Vyxsin can overcome the Speed Bump.

10:12 PM. Nick and Don. They rip the clue, which tells them to fly to Mumbai, India. Oh, India, India. How you do always put our teams to the test. Phil points out that Mumbai is The Artist Formerly Known As Bombay, and says that the teams, once there, will take auto-rickshaws (The Artists Elsewhere Known As Tuk-Tuks, It Seems To Me) to a particular newspaper stall, where they'll buy a newspaper and search for a clue inside. Looking at the close-up of the clue, I wonder whether we really needed the racers to be told, "Chauhan is pronounced as Chow-Hahn." Is that hard enough to require explanation? I mean, if it were "Chauhan is pronounced as Sha-SHEF-ski," then maybe. But somehow I think they could have muddled through here. Nick interviews that on the one hand, Don's strength is that he's so driven, but on the other hand, he doesn't always appreciate what his limits might be in a situation. In other words, "My grandpa can do 80% of what he thinks he can do, which is pretty amazing, but that 20% is kicking my ass." They find a place where Nick hops on the internet and locates a flight that will arrive in Mumbai at 10:30 PM on Air France. He then finds a phone and calls Air France, where he reserves his tickets. Because they're not leaving Florence until 6:50 in the morning, they return to the hotel to get some sleep. I just love the fact that the advantage of having an older person on your team appears to be that you have an excuse to go back to bed when everyone else goes to the airport. Grampa needs his rest!

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