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Brook and Claire get dropped off at Stage 7, and as soon as they open the clue, Brook gasps, "Bob Eubanks!" He's like a minor deity to them, and they run in squealing and hugging him and telling they they're TV hosts, too. "You're like our idol, you didn't even know!" Brook says. "Good, you're mine, too," Bob quickly says, trying to keep them focused as he leads them to a game controller. They get started, and Brook pithily observes of the task, "This is gnarly." Leg one is soon done. "Why didn't we pay attention to the hats people wore?" We get another look at the fish-head leady in Ghana, and they're sure she's right, even if the sign in the background of the shot she's in is blurred out so as not to give away the location.

Nat and Kat are stuck in traffic on surface streets, in a heroic effort to build up some suspense. Brook and Claire have seven of the eleven faces in place, although we can't tell from here if they're all correct. Traffic! Faces! Brook and Claire only have one slot to go, in Leg 4. And Nat and Kat are at a dead stop. Brook and Claire finish the task and get their clue, which they quickly read before running off. Bob Eubanks looks at us like, "No hug from those two?" Now it's a two-way race to the finish line.

Reinforcing that, Jill and Thomas are feeling like they're completely out of it, regretting their choice of taxi. "Get back to the States and we had more of a language barrier than when you're out of the country," says Thomas, probably not the first to make a similar observation. You don't even have to pause to see the exact moment when Thomas gives up -- he stops looking out the windshield, and kisses Jill, and doesn't stop looking at her. Sure, now he focuses on his relationship.

Nat and Kat are still in traffic. Team QVC is ion the freeway. Team @ asks their driver to honk, and he finally makes a move. Brook and Claire are hoping they're on a short cut, and using positive visualization: "Brook and Claire, you are the first female team ever to win The Amazing Race." Both teams feel like they're getting close. Kat, taking no chances, has the cab fare ready and rolled up in her fist. Overhead shot of the mansion, a cab stops in the parking lot, and the eleventh- through fourth-place teams are all applauding along the approach to the giant Mat, where Phil is deploying an eyebrow and a satisfied nod. I'm glad to see Andie and Jenna standing together, after they were so sure they'd never see each other again.

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