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Brook and Claire, meanwhile, are taking the much lower-impact approach of simply asking their driver to take them "to internet." Nat and Kat finally get their driver moving, taking them straight to Quixote Studios. Nat gets the address from the operator, and Brook says, "Okay, let's go to a hotel." Someone may soon be passing someone, but it's not going to be who I thought it was going to be.

Indeed, Jill and Thomas are on a freeway to nowhere. Thomas is begging his driver to be allowed to use the phone, but the driver is babbling into it in a nonstop stream of Russian or something. Nat continues quizzing her Information operator, asking about the venue for the Symphony in the Glen and getting Griffith Park. Oh, I know where that is. Just keep going uphill until you're looking at the haze from above.

Brook and Claire arrive at a hotel and immediately commandeer two front desk guys and what looks like the whole business center in the lobby to start Googling. Good thing it's dead in there. Jill and Thomas continue trying to convince their driver, with increasing frustration, that they need a phone or a computer, and that his GPS is not going to cut it. "Thank you for that offer," Jill remembers to say around a mouthful of his head that she just bit off.

Unsurprisingly, Nat and Kat are the first to arrive at Quixote Studios, and Nat's still on the phone, confirming that they'll get directions once they get inside. I hope by this time she's talking to someone at the studio and not still grilling that poor 411 operator. Soon they're on the lot, and sure enough the clue box is standing right there outside a big garage door marked "Stage 7." Phil tells us, "Since the invention of television, Hollywood game shows have tested people's knowledge of trivia." And today, that knowledge was found wanting. "Now," Phil continues, standing on an empty soundstage with a giant video wall behind him, "after twelve exhausting legs of the race, it's time to find out whether teams have really been paying attention to everything around them." He directs our attention to the video wall, which is divided into 48 smaller segments.

In each segment is a shot of a person wearing a hat, with a number in the lower right corner of that segment. The challenge is that eleven of those 48 people were greeters this season, and I'm embarrassed to admit that until now I didn't realize that they were all, indeed, wearing something on their heads, even if not every item could be accurately described as a hat. The images are constantly shuffling, which should make this even trickier. There are three podiums with control panels facing the video wall, and the racers will have to use this to put the right greeters in the right order on a smaller screen in front of them. "When they do, legendary game show host Bob Eubanks [who does a little head-dance for us to prove he's still alive, and uses his legendary-game-show-host voice to say, "Here is your next clue"] will give them the next clue." Game show music plays as Bob Eubanks tells us, "This is so exciting! I'm Bob Eubanks. You watch!" Fake tooth-sparkle designed to either remind us or convince us that was his catchphrase, and I don't care which.

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