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Ladies First

Jill and Thomas spot both the Rose Bowl and Team @ from above, and are on the ground soon after Nat finishes her first section. Nat starts sticking the stems of small roses into little those little plastic holders that gas station flowers come in, and then those will get stuck into a Styrofoam node of some sort sticking out of the back of the float. Thomas opens the clue with the question reading, "Who's bright enough to float?" Not that it matters; Thomas is taking it, because they've been planning all along for him to do the last Road Block. And once they see what this last Road Block is, they both feel pretty silly about that in a very short time. In fact, Thomas says something I've never heard him say on the whole race: that he's never done anything like this before. Meanwhile, Kat is busy sticking her flower-holders into the Styrofoam.

Brook is all excited to be descending over the Rose Bowl. "I love college football!" she says, apparently in all sincerity. Thomas is ready to move on to the next section, and he watches a demo of a guy filling the flower-holders with water -- a step that Kat doesn't seem to be doing. Brook, of course, is beyond excited about doing this Road Block. "I was like, oh, there's the crown, there's the sash, go ahead," Claire interviews. At the Rose Bowl, she reminds Brook, "This is what you do in your free time," and then tells us that they have a good chance to catch up. Well, yes and no. Nat has "finished" her second section and runs off to get started on the third, while Thomas is on his second section. Working on her first, Brook informs us, "I've been on a couple floats in my life, so I feel right at home in the float brigade. These are my people." Who's not her people at this point?

Nat's next project is to glue masses of tiny petals onto the large Styrofoam petals of a giant fake rose, making sure to only do the ones the demo lady is doing. When she's done with that (while Brook and Thomas continue to work feverishly), she goes to get evaluated but she is told, "You didn't prep your roses correctly." That's one advantage of a leg in the States -- most times the judge would just shake his or her head and leave Nat to figure out what she did wrong. She goes back and realizes she was supposed to fill the little holders with water. We might actually see a change in rankings here as she goes back to do that. For a while, all three of them are working on the same section, and then Nat finishes for real and gets sent over to the Rose Queen for her next clue. Nat and Kat hug before they open it, which is actually three actual clues. It reads, "1. I am Sancho Panza's master. 2. I am the place to hear the Symphony in the Glen. 3. Monroe's Year of the Itch." Uh-oh, it's looking like their narrow lead isn't going to last much longer. Obviously Thomas, Mr. Notre Dame, Mr. Spanish Skills, is going to know that Sancho Panza was the sidekick of Don Quixote. #3 is clearly seven, but I don't know from Symphony in the Glen. Nat and Kat rush off to find a taxi ride to what I would probably request as "Quixote Glen Seven." You laugh, but that would be the best Glengarry Glen Ross sequel yet.

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