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Ladies First

Brook and Claire exchange "I love you"s and drop, Brook somehow screaming and panting at the same time. "That's just about when I lost my bananas," she understates in an interview. They scream all the way down and then some. Jill and Thomas have their clue in second place as Brook celebrates, "I've never been so happy to see a dinghy or Scuba Steve in my entire life!" "Scuba Steve?" Soon they're running for the helicopters too.

There are three of them there next to the water, and one of them is already spinning up. Really, another bottleneck? Nat and Kat climb in and the pilot takes them up and over the water, while they have no idea where they're going. Fortunately, Nat's fear of heights doesn't appear to extend to aircraft. Jill and Thomas follow, whooping into their headsets and wondering what's next. Brook and Claire are soon airborne as well, gushing more happily than anyone. As always.

All three teams are now flying over the city to the strains of Wagner's "Flight of the Valkries," which makes me think they're about to napalm the city. They all enjoy the view, although I find it a little odd that nobody seems to be urging their pilots to pass the other helicopters. Presently a stadium appears below Team @. It's the Rose Bowl. They land in the parking lot outside rather than on the field, but what are you gonna do? Nat and Kat run to the clue box, which has slips of paper marked A, B, and C attached to the front of it, and grab A, of course. Phil tells us how famous Pasadena's Rose Bowl is, adding that "the Tournament of Roses Parade has been a beloved New Year's Day event for over 100 years." Yeah, I think it was a lot more beloved when there were only four TV channels. Phil continues, "Now, in the shadow of this imposing arena, teams face a Road Block in which they must have the mental and physical stamina to complete a task that is surprisingly difficult." Yeah, not buying it. Even when Phil says that these parade floats normally take 10,000 man-hours to complete and teams will have to "painstakingly decorate" parts of it, they're only doing three small sections each, this is still pretty lame for the final leg. Once the "floral director" is satisfied with their work, the 2009 Rose Queen (standing by in all her finery) will give them their next clue. Nat takes this one, and runs over to he float while Kat watches, aware that Jill and Thomas must be right behind them. Nat starts by gluing flowers on a little area on the edge of the float marked A, which comprises less than a square foot of space. See what I mean?

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