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So now everyone converges on the giant mat for hugs and reunions. Mallory gets to talk again about the great times she had with her dad, a rare opportunity being the oldest of four kids. "I just feel so lucky .Can we do it again?" Hmm, funny she should ask. Stephanie talks about cherishing the moments or whatever and looking forward to telling their kids about this. From what I hear, she won't have much longer to wait. Last round of applause, and Nat says, "It's about time a girl-girl team won The Amazing Race. We're both just really proud and honored to be that team. She calls it a great, life-changing experience, and Nat agrees that it was priceless. So are they going to give back the prize money?

And normally we'd be out, but this time we're getting a sneak preview of next season, which, if you're reading this, you're probably already aware that it's going to be another "All-Star" edition...sort of Over shots of past teams like Jet/Cord, Cara/Jaime, Flight Time/Big Easy, Mallory/Gary, Jen/Kisha, and so on, Phil claims, "They are some of the most memorable, dynamic, and interesting teams ever to run the race." We also see several teams from this season, who I know aren't in it, as Phil goes on to say that none of them came in first, and some didn't even cross the finish line. "But you loved them anyway." Well, not all of them. Phil says, "For these teams, the Amazing Race competition has always been unfinished business." Like Zev/Justin getting eliminated after losing their passports, and Kynt/Vyxsin something something (I don't know, I didn't watch that season), and Michael/Kevin getting a penalty. Phil says these teams will be getting another chance, "To finally finish what they started, and prove they deserve another shot." Well, one of those teams will win the second time around, at least. Although given that this "sneak preview" showed about thirty teams, including a couple I don't even recognize, I'm pretty sure they're not all going to be in it. I don't think I signed up to cover a forty-leg race, after all. Of course there are casting spoilers out there, which I've seen, but I'm not going to lay them on you here. And then Phil's stranding in front of a dramatic fake outdoor backdrop with a new haircut, telling us the show will be in hi-def for the first time. I should maybe look into getting one of those TVs, then. Anyway, The "Unfinished Business" season will premiere on Sunday, February 20. See you then, fellow suckers.

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