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And around the corner to the yard come...Nat and Kat. They jump on the mat and keep jumping, and Phil recites, "Four continents, thirty cities, thirty-two thousand miles. Nat and Kat, you have made Amazing Race history...the first all-female team to win the Amazing Race, and you have won the one million dollars. Congratulations!" They hug as he asks them, "Can you believe it?" They can't. I can; they've been in the lead since LAX. Phil asks what this means for their relationship, and Kat says they're totally bonded. "No one will ever understand what we went through...except for everyone here!" Nice save, there. I'm sure Ron and Tony appreciate that. Phil asks Nat to talk about coming on the race "as a person who lives with diabetes." Nat says it's a huge part of who she is, and says she wanted to show people with diabetes that "you can be as active as you want." And then she collapses on the mat in shock. Not really. Still, I wonder how she feels about her diabetes being mentioned like three times total this whole season, including just now. Kat interviews that Nat's been a great teammate, never complaining. "You really are my sister." They don't look like sisters. "And this is something that I know we're share for the rest of our lives."

In come Brook and Claire, each of them giving one of the winners a big hug before Phil tells them they're the second team and congratulating them. "Another all-female team, one and two," he remarks. Of course they aren't the first all-female team to come in second, but they are the first all-female team to come in second to another all-female team, and that has to be worth something. Claire says they literally laughed their way around the world. "I know that," Phil interrupts, and they laugh some more. Brook talks about how much Claire shocked her, from taking a watermelon in the face to rappelling down a canyon. "The ideal of being a strong woman either means that you're a grumpy-boots or that you're this really masculine, gnarly chick. No. You can be feminine and tap into that femininity while still being a strong woman." A: preach it! B: "grumpy-boots?" And then there's one last shout-out to the Brook & Claire flair before they move on to their next big challenge in life, which I hope will be learning the difference between "funny" and "goofy."

Finally, Jill and Thomas arrive, with no sign of having completed the memory challenge or having met Bob Eubanks. Phil dutifully congratulates them on being the third team to finish. He says they've been consistent, which is a little generous: "You've made a few mistakes along the way but nothing like today." Thomas admits, "A lot of things happened not in our favor." Still, they feel glad to be there. "It just didn't come through in the end." In an interview, Jill can't get through a sentence without getting verklempt, and Thomas is somehow both understanding and condescending as he speaks for her. "We just feel really fortunate that we were able to do this together, and I certainly wouldn't have done it with anybody else than her. I'm very proud of her." Everyone always says they wouldn't have done the race with anybody else, but I bet they totally would.

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