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At the croc pen, Who is getting ready to take on the task in their newly-minted first-place position. Jeff interviews that they're always ready to capitalize on other people's mistakes, as we see Jon head back and take the camera he left behind the first time. David takes the feeding stick -- which is basically a fishing pole -- and gets ready to meet Sultan. The way this works is that the crocodile guy tosses something into the water at the edge, which brings Sultan over, and then Sultan sees the food on the stick and snags it. David manages to complete the task without losing any part of his arm or growing any new orifices, so he and Jeff are free to go. They run for the souvenir shop.

Chip takes on the crocodile for his team. (Sultan: "[CHOMP.] Hey, look over there. Who's the banana with the camera?") He finishes quickly, so he and Reichen are quickly on the way to the souvenir shop as well.

David and Jeff find the shop and the camera docks. They start to print their picture.

Kelly and Jon are finally getting on with the crocodile business. Jon feeds the croc, Kelly takes the picture, and they run for the souvenir shop.

The Chipsters, closely followed by Jon and Kelly, locate the shop and run inside to the camera docks. Reichen starts out ahead of Jon in setting up the camera to print the picture. However, in a piece of business that was probably not what Kodak had in mind when they set this whole thing up, Reichen cannot understand how to work the camera dock, which, according to Kodak, has directions consisting of, "Put down camera. Push 'print' button." It's interesting to speculate about where he could have gone wrong, but he probably doesn't want to contemplate what it means when you goof up an idiot-proof process. Team Who, meanwhile, is getting their printed picture at last, and when they get it, it tells them to make their way to Wangetti Beach. Phil explains that this is a fifteen-mile drive, and claims that the beach is "secluded." Well, not today, of course. Team Who runs for it.

Kelly and Jon's picture is the next to print. They leave, at which point Reichen rather nonsensically says, "I just want to punch them both right now...they just get so frickin' lucky." If he can explain why being able to successfully follow the directions on a camera dock makes Kelly and Jon "lucky," I'd be interested in hearing it. Luck can certainly screw you, but it had nothing to do with this. Outside, Kelly and Jon are running to their car. "Another picture for the fridge!" Kelly happily says. Yeah. Right between the sticker of Calvin peeing and the nail salon promotional magnet, I suspect. They hop in, but Jon goes to get some directions before they leave.

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