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In the Chipster car, Chip indeed looks peeved in the extreme. He's stuck behind Who in the left lane and Kelly and Jon in the right, and remarks that he's "boxed in." In an interview, Jon says that "when Chip is in a car, and he's in traffic, he's got smoke coming out of his ears, his blood pressure's going through the roof...I mean, he's a few ticks away from having a heart attack." The shot we get of Chip suggests that Jon is pretty close to the truth. Chip himself now interviews that he's all about finding ways to get ahead of the other teams in any way possible. "I think there's going to be some bumping and grinding, and there's going to be some bitterness." He doesn't mean "bumping and grinding," I don't think. Come to think of it, that would make a great Detour, though. And he's certainly right about the other half, because "bitterness" does seem likely.

The teams are approaching the entrance to the Wild World Zoo. They all pull in together, park, and grab clues. And what is the clue? Well, your favorite product placement and mine has returned in the form of the Kodak Easy-Share digital camera. Phil explains that they have to take a camera and follow a path to the crocodile pen. Once they get there, one team member will feed a fish to Sultan the crocodile, and the other team member will take a picture of the feeding moment with the camera. Then they'll take the camera to the souvenir shop and use an oh-so-convenient and easy-to-operate Easy-Share printer dock to print out the picture, which will have the clue on the back. You know, although product placements alone don't bother me, they do when they're completely extraneous to the task, the way they are here. You could undoubtedly design tasks where the picture-taking wouldn't seem quite so tacked-on. I also have to say that as much as I love Kodak for supporting the coolest show ever, just writing the words "Kodak Easy-Share" this many times makes me feel like I am cheating on Fujifilm, which made both of my digital cameras. Forgive me, Fujifilm. It didn't mean anything -- I was drunk, and I was thinking about you the whole time. Come to think of it, I can see Kodak as the Alex in a Fatal Attraction-style consumer parable, so I'd better end this metaphor before it starts to scare me. At any rate, this task can only be performed by one team at a time, so they'll be going in the order -- Jon/Kelly, Who, Chipsters -- in which they arrived at the clue box and took numbers.

The teams are led past a table with three cameras on it. For whatever unknown reason, Jon and Kelly walk right by the table without grabbing a camera. As they walk along the path, David realizes that Kelly and Jon didn't take one, and he gives Jeff a camera with a heads-up not to wave it around. As everyone arrives at the crocodile pen, an oblivious Jon greets a snapping Sultan with a hearty "holy cow!" They meet up with the crocodile guy, and he asks who's feeding and who's taking the picture. Jon will be feeding, so Kelly starts looking around for the camera. She quickly realizes they must have walked right past it. Frustrated, Jon exits the croc pen and they start walking back to the entrance, stuck going third instead of first. "It's our fault for getting too excited like we always do," she says, probably correctly. "You grabbed the clue out of my hand, Kel," he says, substantially less correctly. She takes umbrage at being blamed for the whole thing, pointing out that he had the clue before he gave it to her, but he maintains that he didn't get to read it before she took it. "How am I supposed to know we have to grab a camera if I don't have the clue?" he says. This would be a reasonable argument for him to make, except that he actually read the entire clue out loud on camera when they opened it, starting with, "Choose an Easy-Share digital camera." So...that would be how he would know. Not to be picky or anything. She asks again why he has to blame her, and he says, "I'm not blaming anybody; I'm just pissed." He was, of course, completely blaming her, but it's somewhat to his credit that he seems to know that he's mostly just frustrated at the situation and that he has no case. They both did it. And he knows it.

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