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In the Chipster car, Chip is making the classic mistake of asking a question to which he does not want to know the answer. "Am I really that bad of a driver?" "I'm not answering that," Reichen smirks. Heh. They discuss hurrying along to Ellis Beach in order to get the best possible position for the final leg, which Reichen calls "the one for a million dollars." Yet another young man with a firm grasp of the obvious. They spot the route marker and park, and then they're running up the beach. "Look for Phil," Chip says. A good philosophy for life generally, I think. Chip hoots and pumps his fists as they approach the mat. Welcome, Chipsters, you are team number two. Phil asks Chip how special it is to be here with Reichen, and Chip explains that the feature of Reichen's personality he's seen during the race that he hadn't seen before was Reichen's patience with Chip's blunders. Hmm. "Patience" wasn't the word I was carrying around to describe Reichen's reactions to much of anything, but I guess it depends on your definition. Now here's my favorite (in the sense of "least favorite") Reichen moment: He says to Phil, "I think there are a few critics out there who didn't think we'd do so well, and I'm pretty proud to have made it through to be here." What the hell does that mean? How could there have been critics out there at the point when they were on the race and the teams hadn't even been announced? How exactly were there critics? Like who? Unless he's talking about other teams (in which case you'd think he'd just say that instead of referring to "critics out there"), Reichen apparently made this remark in anticipation of the fact that by the time it aired, there would have been critics for him to prove wrong. It's just more of the fact that he seems way too aware of how he's going to look on television and how everything he does is going to play.

Kelly and Jon drive up to the beach. They park and hop out. They hold hands and head up toward Phil. Phil tells them they're last, but as they know very well, they're not eliminated and will participate in the race to the finish line. "We came to one very sad conclusion today," Kelly says. "That we cannot have children, because we do not want them to inherit our stupidity." Hee. "Really?" Phil asks. Kelly points out that not only did they make a mistake everywhere it was possible to make a mistake, but they made mistakes in situations where it almost didn't seem like you could make a mistake. Jon takes the position that this was the leg where they cleared out all of their bad karma and all of their mistake-making, so they won't be making any more mistakes in the next leg. He explains in an interview that Kelly does whatever it takes to win, and he loves her for it. "I like our chances," he says. In a sequence that seems a lot more like a beginning of an episode than an ending, Phil wonders aloud whether David and Jeff can stay in first place to the end, or whether the Chipsters -- Phil has now adopted the "archrivals" moniker as well -- will pull ahead of them. Finally, he wonders whether Jon and Kelly, now dubbed "the underdogs," can make a break for it and pull out the win.

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