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Joseph and Monica arrive at the parking lot. So do BJ and Tyler. So do Dani and Danielle, but they get on a different shuttle. Into the same shuttle as the lead teams hop Ray and Yolanda. Desiree and Wanda get there, too. This entire bunch parks their cars and climbs onto the shuttle. Dave and Lori and Eric and Jeremy squash on, too, and then Fran and Barry. So that's eight teams that have managed to bunch up at the airport. Monica looks crestfallen that their lead has dropped to zero. Next, Lisa and Joni come, and then John and Scott. It turns out that Lisa and Joni heard the boys referring to them as the Frosties, and they don't even seem offended. I'm not sure they consider having unnatural hair color to be a state secret. The discussion of this nickname results in a lot of whooping from everyone in the conversation except Scott, who looks a little mortified.

Danielle and Dani are the first to the American counter, where they check on the times, learning that American indeed is scheduled to arrive first, followed by United and then Continental. The second flight and the third flight are flipped in terms of their arrival times, which is a nice complication, but American is still the best. So they get on American.

In Lake and Michelle's car, she announces that they have screwed up as a result of his total failure to read the clue. "Dadgummit," he announces. Somehow, I suspect that if it had been her mistake and not his, something more than "Dadgummit" would have come out of his mouth.

Commercials. Duracell is about saving the rainforest. Seriously.

When we return, Michelle says that they're actually going to have to cancel the tickets they reserved. "I'm sorry," Lake says. "That was...partially my fault." Well, sure. He was only the one who had the clue, didn't read it, and made the decision. She was the crazy bitch who dialed.

The multi-team shuttle finally gets to the terminal. Because it's right there, Erica and Jeremy, Dave and Lori, and Desiree and Wanda stop at the Continental counter to check on the flights.

BJ and Tyler, meanwhile, go straight to American, where they find Dani and Danielle. Fran and Barry follow, and then Joseph and Monica and Ray and Yolanda. Some introductions follow, and I'm kind of grossed out when BJ and Tyler ask if they can call the women "Double D." With women you just met? I just think that's unforgivably tacky. You can't go up to women you don't know and ask them if you can call them a name based on your opinion of their breasts. It's not appropriate. I mean, the girls say, "Yeah, everyone does," and it's very patient of them, but the thing don't really leave them a choice when you ask them that. You force them to either give you permission to call them a name that's pretty vulgar, or to take the role of No-Fun Girls and tell you that you can't. It's such a trap, the whole "Can I make a joke out of you?" business. If you say no, you're getting the "humorless bitch" eye-roll, and if you say yes, you're a doormat.

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