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Fran and Barry discuss the fact that the American flight leaves first, so they'll go for that, and if not that, then Continental leaves next. Wanda and Desiree are all excited, and refer to their team as Team Boricua. Apparently, it means Puerto Rican, which is news to me, because I know nothing. They pass Fran and Barry, and then they also pass Dave and Lori. Lori isn't worried; they can "speed right on ahead" later. For his part, John worries that they might have to go on small planes, but Scott promises that from Colorado to Brazil, you're probably going to be dealing mostly with large planes. In an interview, Lisa (I think) says that she's almost 50, and she looks forward to the opportunity to "unsheath [her] womanhood." I don't want to get graphic, but I'm not sure womanhood can really be unsheathed. Like, what would you sheath? I do like her speech about how she wants to be herself after being other people's wife/mother/whatever for 20 years, and I get a little bit of a chuckle out of Joni's (I think) declaration that they're representing "the big-boned women of America." Because in their case, it's true.

In the Ray and Yolanda car, he reads aloud from the clue that the tickets on these flights can't be reserved over the phone. Why are they telling you this? Because not so much reading this part of the clue is Lake, who instructs Michelle to pull off the road so that they can find a pay phone and call American. Dude. Reading the entire clue, along with the famous "additional information," is the very first skill. Not the second, but the first. More than aggressively calling airlines, more than anything. Reading the entire clue. They pull off, about which Ray and Yolanda are pretty surprised, since there doesn't seem to be anything that would make you slow down on the way to the airport. Michelle interviews that Lake is so much more sure he's right than she is that it's easy to just let him take over. It's good that she sees that dynamic, but it's bad that she seems to think there's nothing wrong with it.

Joseph and Monica and BJ and Tyler are in the lead as they approach the airport. BJ makes an "anatomically correct" Ken-doll joke that is, like much of what he's going to say during this episode, not as funny as he thinks, as well as badly used up. Fran and Barry pass Desiree and Wanda. Barry uses this opportunity to talk about how they have lots of relevant experience, and they are very fit, so they expect that to help.

Meanwhile, Lake and Michelle get somebody on the phone who allegedly sets them up with the first flight to leave, which is the American flight. I don't know how they even did that or who they talked to, but it apparently never came up that you can't do it this way. As they get back on the road, Lake praises her: "You didn't mess us up at all." Thanks, honey! He is so sweet when he points out that she managed to execute a simple task without doing anything wrong. One other thing: the EEFPs noted very quickly that if you close your eyes, Lake is Dana Carvey doing Ross Perot, and I am very angry with them for pointing it out, because now, it is all I can hear every time he talks.

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